Wow! Actress Kim Yoo-jung Appears As a Guest Star On ‘Running Man’!

The next challenge was to catch the wizard. When the Monday couple, Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo, got trapped by Yoon Je-moon and T.O.P, the wizard appeared and ripped off Yoon Je-moon’s name tag. However, the wizard got caught by Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook and Kang Gary. Yoo Jae-suk then removed wizard Ji Seok-jin’s name tag, only to be eliminated himself, because it was the image of the wizard.

Yoon Je-moon was resurrected after having had his name tag ripped off by the image. Since Yoo Jae-suk had been ousted, one more person needed to be eliminated by the rest of the group. Yoon Je-moon hunted Kang Gary, and managed to remove his name tag, eliminating him.

Yoo Jae-suk and Kang Gary

The goal in the final round was to eliminate two of the four survivors. As soon as they stepped through the portal, Kim Jong-kook eliminated Song Ji-hyo, and soon after that, Yoon Je-moon and T.O.P worked together to attack Kim Jong-kook. T.O.P successfully removed Kim Jong-kook’s name tag,  which made him and Yoon Je-moon the final suvivors.

Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook

The wizard, Ji Seok-jin, brought Dorothy Yoo-jung to the location of final round to see T.O.P and Yoon Je-moon. He then asked the last two survivors to remove each others’ name tags. Each of them grabbed for each other’s name tags, but T.O.P’s hand was faster and he removed Yoon Je-moon’s name tag.

Kim Yoo-jung

Wizard Ji Seok-jin made his move toward T.O.P., who attacked the wizard, getting his hand on the wizard’s name tag. This time the wizard was quicker, though, and managed to eliminate T.O.P first. Dorothy Yoo-jung was the wizard’s last remaining opponent. When the wizard wasn’t paying attention, Dorothy Yoo-jung sneaked up behind him, and grabbed his name tag. The wizard tried to block her away, but in the end, Dorothy Yoo-jung managed to rip it off, and was the final winner.

Kim Yoo-jung

Dorothy Yoo-jung was given three gold rings of love, courage and wisdom as the prize. Yoon Je-moon suggested splitting the rings between the three guests, and ended up taking one of them and put it on his finger. T.O.P also asked her to give him one, and made everyone laugh.

Kim Yoo-jung

Thus, Dorothy and her friends lived happily ever after.

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