Beautiful Face: Does Actress Kim Yoo-jung Get Plastic Surgery?

Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo-jung Gets Plastic Surgery, False or True?

Celebrities especially in South Korean are often accused of plastic surgery if their face appears to change over time. As such, there is no exception for the beautiful actress Kim Yoo-jung. Always looking beautiful and sweet, many netizens have accused Kim Yoo-jung of getting plastic surgery. Because of this, many people feel that the face of the actress who born on September 22, 1999 has changed. The child actress who has become a teenager also denied the allegations.

Reporting from Koreaboo, in Kim Yoo-jung’s latest performance in one show, when asked whether she had plastic surgery or not, Kim Yoo-jung was surprised that someone believed that her face had changed which resulted in such rumors spreading. In response, Kim Yoo-jung replied that she had lost what is called a “baby’s face”, which might be an explanation of why her face seemed to change. Kim Yoo-jung has grown up and therefore naturally, her face changed, a common event when becoming an adolescent and will change even further when becoming an adult.

Kim Yoo Jung

According to The Moon That Embraces The Sun star, Kim Yoo-jung didn’t get plastic surgery at all. Kim Yoo-jung also said, “Is it true that my face has changed a lot? Maybe because I’m getting thinner, that’s why,” as reported by Newsen.

Fans expressed their opinions about the rumor and the answer from Kim Yoo-jung, with the majority of them assuming the rumor was very strange.  Also there were quite a lot of netizens who agreed with Kim Yoo-jung. Many of them said, “She still looks the same when she was a kid and on TV. Rumors of plastic surgery are just making it up. Surely Kim Yoo Jung will grow more beautiful.”

Young actress Kim Yoo-jung is indeed a popular success with her acting abilities. Growing up, she also began to form images in continuing her career in the entertainment world, Kim Yoo-jung is already quite popular. Kim Yoo-jung made her acting debut as a child actress and became one of the best-known South Korean actresses.

Then she transformed into a teenage actress by starring in the drama ‘Dong Yi’, ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’, ‘May Queen’ and ‘Angry Mom’. In addition, Kim Yoo-jung also played the role of T.O.P’s younger sister BIG BANG in the film ‘Commitment’ in 2013 and she also acted as an oppressive teenager in the ‘Thread of Lies’ in 2014.

Kim Yoo-jung also played in the horror film Room 731 made by American filmmaker Youngmin Kim. She also began to host the program Inkigayo in November 2014. With Kim Yoo-jung’s popularity now, it could have been a few years since she became a new Park Shin-hye or Jun Ji-hyun right?