Jin Long-guo (Kim Yong-guk): Profile, Appearance in ‘Produce 101’, and Controversies


The Most Controversial Trainee in Produce 101 Season 2, Kim Yongguk

Successfully forming a girl-group called IOI, Mnet again opened a survival program to form a boy-group, which was attended by 101 trainees from many agencies in South Korea. Produce 101 Season 2 provides the same opportunity for all trainee participants to debut and successfully become part of idol groups in South Korea, but with so many participants, rumors and controversies have arisen about every participant from various sources and made Produce 101 Season 2 increasingly get attention.

One of them was a participant from China, Jin Longguo, or who we know by his Korean name, Kim Yongguk. Kim Yongguk or Jin Longgou managed to occupy 21st place in Produce 101 Season 2, and although he didn’t debut as one of the top 11 members, in 2017 he managed to make his debut with the group JBJ, whose members were Taehyun, Kenta, Yongguk, Sanggyun, Hyunbin, and Donghan. The group was managed by Fave Entertainment, while CJ E&M oversaw the group’s release production.

However, recently bad news was spread about Kim Yongguk. Several sources gave related statements about the controversy that befell the JBJ member. Since the disclosure of the controversy about Kim Yongguk, JBJ decided to cancel their schedules. Want to know more about it? Stay tuned!

Jin Long-guo’s Full Profile


Real Name : Jin Longguo

Stage Name : Kim Yongguk

Date of Birth : March 2, 1996

Age : 23 years old

Profession : Singer

Height : 57 kg

Weight : 176 cm

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Pisces

Agency : Choon Entertainment

Twitter : @LONGGUOofficial

Instagram : @catsgoesmeow_

Fun Facts about Jin Longguo :

  1. Jin Long-guo was born in Hwaryong and his nationality is Chinese.
  2. He is former member from JBJ.
  3. He used to be a LOEN trainee and he lived in a dorm with Juhaknyeon from The Boyz.
  4. Jin Long-guo can speak English very well.
  5. His hobbies include playing games, sleeping, and watching movies.
  6. Jin Long-guo really loves cats and playing games.
  7. He doesn’t like bugs or ghosts.
  8. Jin Long-guo has two cats named Tolbi and Rcy, named after the Overwatch characters Torbjorn and Mercy.
  9. His best characteristics include being direct and being cheerful.
  10. Singer’s Crush is his role model.
  11. Jin Long-guo was eliminated episode 10, ranked 21 on Produce 101 Season 2.
  12. Jin Long-guo is known as a fashion terrorist.

Jin Long-guo’s Appearance in Produce 101 Season 2


While being a trainee participant in Produce 101 Season 2, Jin Longguo or Kim Yong-guk was known as a very sporty trainee who was very excited to debut as an idol star. He is also very hardworking and helped other contestants while completing group missions.

He is a trainee from Choon Entertainment. In episode 1 of Produce 101 Season 2, he came on with his friend Kim Si-hyun, showing their ability to sing and dance in front of 101 other trainee participants. Their performances received many positive responses from trainee participants and their trainers.


Jin Long-gou’s appearance had caught the attention of many people. He blew everyone’s mind with his stellar performance in the show. He truly showed his excellent singing skills and how well he performed the song. Under the many headlines about Kim Yong Guk, netizens commented, “I didn’t know he existed. I just found out about him today lol But I was like ‘Oh he’s good looking. Who is he? And then I looked at him again because he sings so well”, “His vocals are so pretty…. My pick starting today!”, “His voice is amazing. I hope he enters the top 11”, “Kim Yong Guk is so charming.”


Mnet also made a video about Special Eye Contact from Kim Yong-guk, which certainly received a good response from the audience of Produce 101 Season 2. Kim Yong-guk looked so cute and innocent that anyone who makes eye contact with him would definitely melt.


Well, what do you think about his appearance in Produce 101 Season 2? He is so adorable right? Who supports Jin Long-gou?

His Career Debut with Longguo & Shihyun


After participating in Produce 101 Season 2, Kim Yong-guk and Kim Si-hyun formed a group to debut. Choon Entertainment decided to make the unit project group Kim Yong-guk and Kim Si-hyun. Their first mini album is the part of the unit activities. What made fans expect more is that the composers and producer who are made it also were behind the production of the.the.the.

When they were still participating in Produce 101 Season 2, many people said that bothKim Yong-guk and Kim Si-hyun would qualify and debut with idol groups because of their great abilities, but in fact, neither of them qualified and they had to be eliminated until finally Choon Entertainment made unit groups for Kim Yong-guk and Kim Si-hyun in 2017.

In August, 2017, related to Longgou & Sihyun, Choon Entertainment stated that they no longer receive drinks and food gifts from fans. The agency stated, “We have decided not to accept drinks and other food with expiration dates from fans. The reason is that we found countless items that passed the expiration date or were not in good condition. It was considered that they intentionally gave with intention evil.”

Choon Entertainment also closed the official Longgou & Sihyun site. Choon Entertainment wrote, “Starting on September 3, 2017, Kim Yong-guk’s official fan site and Kim Si-hyun’s will also be closed. We judge that the distribution of fans of each artist on the site is starting to heat up. As a result, we decided to close the fan site. This is after a long discussion and reaching an agreement. Longgou & Sihyun are just a temporary group, and from now on we are only doing a schedule that has been made and is difficult to cancel.”

Regarding the statement, many people concluded that the group would soon disband and they regretted it. Even so, their debut in July, 2017, with the.the.the got a lot of praise; the.the.the is a trendy medium-tempo track fitting for Kim Yong-guk and Kim Shi-hyun’s unique vocal color. The sophisticated music video also showcases the song’s sleek choreography.

You can check their music video here!

Jin Long-gou’s Debut with JBJ


Some of you may be familiar with the boy-group under the name JBJ. JBJ is a seven-person South Korean boy-group where all members are participants in the Mnet survival program, Produce 101 Season 2. JBJ is managed by Fave Entertainment, while CJ E&M oversees the production of group releases. JBJ officially debuted on October 18, 2017. But on April 22, 2018 and April 30, 2018, they held their last concerts.

JBJ released their debut mini album, Fantasy, on October 18, 2017, with the main single Fantasy. They also held a showcase at the Hwajung Gymnasium at the Korea University on the same day. On October 19, JBJ made their first appearance on the M!Countdown music program featuring the main single Fantasy and Say My Name.

Successful with the name JBJ, it was rumored that in 2018 JBJ would dissolve, although all the members expressed interest in extending their contracts. Discussions had been held about the possibility of extending their contract. On February 22, Fave Entertainment and all agency members discussed the possibility of a contract extension until December, 2018. On March 14, Fave Entertainment confirmed that JBJ’s seven-month promotion would end with the end of the contract with management on April 30, due to their respective agencies. The members would continue to actively promote until the end of their contract.

However, JBJ’s journey was not too good because one of his members, Kim Yong-guk, was hit by a controversy that made the JBJ group image worse. The agency had to cancel JBJ’s schedule due to the controversy that had befallen Kim Yong-guk, and it made JBJ fans angry. Want to know about the controversy that hit Kim Yong-guk? Stay tuned!

You can check the debut stage of JBJ debut with Fantacy.