About Korean Comedian Kim Yeong-cheol: Profile, Wife, and Daughter

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South Korea’s Rising Comedian,┬áKim Yeong-cheol

South Korea is well known for their entertainment industry. Not only music shows, TV dramas, and movies, South Korean variety shows have also been watched worldwide, especially since Running Man has existed. There are many comedians and MCs who gained their popularity through their appearances on variety shows, one of them is the rising star comedian, Kim Yeong-cheol. Let’s get to know more about comedian Kim Yeong-cheol!

Comedian Kim Yeong-cheol’s Profile

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Full Name : Kim Yeong-cheol/Kim Yeong Cheol

Birth Date : June 23, 1974

Age : 44 years old

Birth Place : Ulsan, South Korea

Occupation : Comedian and Singer

Year Active : 1999 – now

Agency : Mystic Entertainment

Lastest Education : Dongguk University

Comedian Kim Yeong-cheol’s Career Path


Having been active in the South Korea entertainment industry for years, comedian Kim Yeong-cheol didn’t get his current popularity right away. There have been ups and downs during his career as comedian. Kim Yeong-cheol was then able to gain his popularity when he appeared in one of the most popular variety shows in South Korea, “Infinite Challenge”. He was noted not only because of his unique character, but also his ability to speak fluent English which gained him lots of attention. Not knowing that words that he spontaneously spoke would go viral, Kim Yeong-cheol became the the subject of a meme as he pronounced the phase “Cheer up, super power” sounds like “Cheer up, super po-wall”. Kim Yeong-cheol is now the most well-known as a cast member of one of South Korea’s most famous variety show “Knowing Bros”

Comedian Kim Yeong-cheol’s Relationship with Hwang Bo


No one would have ever thought that comedian Kim Yeong-cheol has a special relationship with South Korea’s talented actress, singer, model, presenter, and activist Hwang Bo. It was revealed when Hwang Bo became special guest in “Knowing Bros” on May 19, 2018 . Kim Yeong-cheol revealed how close he was to Hwang Bo during Q&A session. “When I went to visit Hwang Bo in Hong Kong, every man looked at her“,Kim Yeong-cheol revealed. The fact that he visited Hwang Bo in Hong Kong was surprising enough, but then it was also revealed that he stayed at Hwang Bo’s place.

There was a separate guest room at my place. Also, because he’s like my family, it was fine. And I’m saying this because there’s nothing to hide.” She joked, “He even gave me 1,000,000 KRW (~926 USD) for me to study well abroad. But, if it was any other person, it would’ve been cool; it felt little burdensome receiving it from Kim Yeong-cheol. It felt like he would keep visiting me in Hong Kong if I had taken it.“, Hwang Bo clarify.
After the clarification from Hwang Bo, comedian Kim Yeong-cheol then confessed more surprising fact by saying “I was really proud of her because she traveled abroad to study English. I wanted to give her the money so she could work hard in a new environment. And honestly, I had feelings for her – isn’t it rather weird for me not to have feelings for a girl like her?

Complete List of Comedian Kim Yeong-cheol’s Shows

No. Show Name Year Network Note
1. “Gang Concert” 1999 KBS2
2. “Strong Heart” 2009 – 2013 SBS
3. “Sweet Night” 2010 KBS2
4. “Go Show” 2012 SBS
5. “King of Mask Singer” 2015 MBC in ep. 23 (contestant as “Phytagorean Theorem”
6. “Angry Mom” 2015 MBC Cameo in Ep.8
7. “Knowing Bros” 2015 – now JBTC
8. “Real Men” 2015 – 2016 MBC Comedian special
9. “I Live Alone” 2016 MBC Ep. 117 – 169
10. “Law of the Jungle” 2017 SBS Ep. 252 – 255 at Kota Manado
11. ‘With You” 2017 JTBC together with Song Eun-i
12. “King of Comedy” 2017 SBS
13. “Friendly Driver” 2018 tvN