Full Information and the Latest Update After Actor Kim Woo-bin Was Diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Kim Woo-bin Spotted in Hawaii With Lee Jong-suk After His Recovery!

In August, 2018, Allkpop reported pictures of two actors, Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin while in Hawaii were being circulated on the Internet. In the photos both men looked relaxed and casual. The photo was said to be taken while they were relaxing at Kualoa Ranch.


Seeing the photos, netizens also gave comments while praying for Kim Woo-bin to recover quickly. “Kim Woo-bin has lost some weight. Hopefully he recovered quickly,” said one netizen. Other citizens also commented, “Hopefully recover quickly. I want to see Kim Woo-bin on television.” Other comments expressed admiration at the friendship of the two actors who both began their careers as models.

The news of Kim Woobin vacation with Lee Jong-suk was previously confirmed by Kim Woobin’s agency on Monday, August 27, 2018. “Kim Woo-bin just decided to take a break and fly to Hawaii. He was enjoying a vacation with his best friend, Lee Jong-suk.”

Although confirming the matter of this holiday, Kim Woo-bin’s agency did not explain the condition of the actor. They just said that Kim Woo Bin’s condition was the same as they reported at the end of 2017, which meant he was getting better day by day.

After spending a long time out of the public eye, a few months ago Kim Woo-bin made his appearance in public again, and many people were surprised by his looks. As reported by the Dispatch, Kim Woo-bin was caught on camera while hanging out with one of his best friends, Lee Jong-suk.


The two handsome actors emerged from a cafe in the Shinsadong area, Seoul, after spending time together. Lee Jong-suk was seen wearing a white shirt and covering his face with a mask.

Unlike Lee Jong-suk, Kim Woo-bin was wearing a black shirt. What surprised the public was Kim Woo-bin’s different hair style. The ‘School 2013′ Actor appeared with loose,long hair.

Before his appearance with Lee Jong-suk, Kim Woo-bin had also been caught on camera when he appeared in public. At that time, Kim Woo-bin appeared to be wearing a black shirt.


Unlike when he was spending time with Lee Jong-suk, Kim Woo-bin appeared with his hair tied up so that his handsome face was visible. His cheeks also look a little more tapered.



That’s all of the updated information about how Kim Woo-bin has been doing. Let’s give him a lot of love & support, and hope that he will get stronger as he goes through all the states of hs treatment and has a speedy recovery.