Full Information and the Latest Update After Actor Kim Woo-bin Was Diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Latest Update on Kim Woobin’s Health Condition

As reported from Allkpop, Lee Joon-seok appeared as the host of the TV program ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ ,and he explained about nasopharyngeal cancer, and that it’s a rare and serious disease that only happens to 1 in 100,000 people.

“However, this type of cancer that is caused by tumors from the back of the nose to the upper side of your mouth. The thing is, a serious impact will be happened if the cancer cells moving forward to the brain and a cranial nerve paralysis can occur.”

Another news report stated that the actor had stopped filming for his upcoming movie because his neck suddenly started becoming inflamed and his nose started bleeding. Kim Woobin was dragged into the hospital to get the first aid and a check-up for his health and that’s what led to his diagnosis.

A reporter from another source also mentioned that Kim Woo-bin is currently resting so he can recover from the chemotherapy and treatment he underwent for his illness.

Kim Woobin Shared His Health Condition After  His Cancer Diagnosis Through A Letter


As reported from Soompi and Allkpop, Kim Woo-bin has shared his first welcome after being diagnosed cancer in July, 2017, and it seemed that he has been focusing on his treatment to get his health back, and was showing some improvement in his current condition by writing a letter on his official fan café.

“Hello, this is Kim Woo-bin. It’s been a long time since I’m not holding a pen and which words should I write to start my letter. Even though I only greeted you all by a letter, my heart is beating so fast like I was standing right in front of many people right now. Were you guys surprised with my presence?”

In the second line, Kim Woo-bin continues, “To be honest, I wanted to tell you guys earlier about my health condition, but I was holding it back because the thought due to improvement of my treatment and taking care of my health that it has been 7 months already. This year is almost passed and I wanted to let you guys know through this letter I wrote. I’m actually afraid to see my name on the real-time search ranking that always seen so it makes me concern and took a long time to make myself brave enough to appear in front of you.”

“I’m going to explained about my current condition which is become the most questionable after all this time. Back in May, I was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer which is a type of disease that I never heard of it. I got a lot of support from film directors, sunbae and hoobae [refer to someone who is the senior (sunbae) and junior (hoobae) in any field] also for the production staffs that understand about my health condition so I could adjusted all the schedules immediately and begin a treatment to cure my illness.”

The actor, who starred in the popular K-Drama, The Heirs, continues, “I am so thankful of your prayers and support that I have been successfully completed 3 chemotherapy sessions in addition to undergoing the next treatment by radiation therapy with amount of 35 times. I was able to get through this all and withstand it while reading the comments that encourage me to have an improvement and gets better each times from the message you have sent on the fan café. I’m sincerely being so thankful from the love and support.”

“I am currently recovery after safely receive a treatment and going for follow-up testing before continue to another round of treatment. I’m gradually feeling better since I can eat my meals on a regular basis from time to time. I won’t stop reminding you guys to stay healthy and take a good care of yourself is an important thing everytime I left message on the fan café, but however, I ended up by showing my weakness. By having this opportunity, I will take an extra care of my health and work hard to give you only good news in the future. However, it will takes time for me to greet you again but don’t worry, I will do my best to get full recover and made a comeback.”

With the last paragraph in his letter, Kim Woo-bin wrote, “The year of 2018 will be coming soon and I will pray only for the good things in the future and for their families who going through a difficult times and wishing the new year only filled with happiness and hope everyone will be healthy as well. I always appreciate of everything that you guys have sent to me so far and one day I promise will comeback healthy again as if nothing happened.

Thank you. I love you.”

How does Kim Woo-bin Look Since His Diagnosis?

It’s been a year since Kim Woo-bin began receiving treatment for his cancer. He’s struggled to survive his condition, and he had to postpone all of his scheduled work in entertainment while pursuing his battle against cancer.


After a long hiatus in the entertainment industry, one of Kim Woo-bin’s fan, Noona Bigos, uploaded a picture of Kim Woo-bin, who appeared in public.


It could be seen from the pictures above that Kim Woo-bin is walking with some of guardians on each side, who we suspected are staff from his agency. His looks a little bit different, since he was pale and walking so limply, but he still managed to smile at everyone who greeted him and offered him gifts. The actor has lost some weight and he look skinnier, which made some of the fans worried.


The photos above were actually taken in April, 2017, a month before Kim Woo-bin was diagnosed. At that time, he was having a fanmeeting in Bangkok, Thailand, and he was heading back to Korea after having a holiday in Phuket.


During the fanmeet, Kim Woo-bin always showed his best to perform and greet his fans in Thailand. He was very professional ,and it seemed like he was fine and healthy, but a month later, Kim Woo-bin discovered he had the rare cancer that attacked his neck.


Sidus HQ Gives Health Update Regards To Kim Woobin Latest Condition

It’s been over a year that Kim Woobin showed up in public because of his health condition, and in July, 2018, Sidus HQ released an official statement about the actor’s current health status and about his plan to made a comeback in acting, since he hasn’t worked in more than a year.

“Kim Woo-bin is completed the treatments of nasopharyngeal cancer and his health had improved enough to start exercising. There is no updated status about his current condition right now but he’s doing fine and we still not having any concrete plans for his returning to acting in near time.”

Meanwhile, Sidus HQ sent a special message to Kim Woo-bin on his birthday, and uploaded his picture on the agency official Instagram.

“While waiting for your comeback one day as if nothing has happened, we congratulate your 30th birthday” @sidushq_star

Kim Woobin turned 30 years old in South Korean, but his international age is still 29 years old. During  his health problems, Kim Woobin is should have joined the military service, but he’s been exempted from his duty to focus on recovery and undergoing treatment.

Many of his fans congratulated him and reacted in such a mellow way on his birthday this year. The actor was having another step to recovery after having completed a full treatment of his cancer. Let’s anticipate his return to entertainment industry.