Full Information and the Latest Update After Actor Kim Woo-bin Was Diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer


Latest Update About Actor Kim Woo-bin

South Korean Actor Kim Woo-bin, is mostly known for starring in the drama Uncontrollably Fond (2016) which aired on KBS2, was diagnosed with cancer in May, 2017.

Many fans and members of the public are shocked over the actor’s condition, and they were expressing their worry for both his health and his career in the entertainment industry until Sidus HQ, Kim Woobin’s agency, announced that he’s been diagnosed with Nasopharynx Cancer or also known as Nasopharyngeal Cancer.

Sidus HQ released this official statement regarding the actor’s health’s condition:

“Hello, this is Sidus HQ and we will give an official statement regards to actor Kim Woobin’s health issues and condition. We know that many of you will be worried and show concern about Kim Woo-bin’s condition.

During the filming production, Kim Woo-bin has been extremely busy with his schedules and he felt abnormalities in his body before we took them to visited the hospital. After going to the hospital, he was diagnosed with Nasopharynx Cancer. We have a good news that luckily, the cancer was in his body is still in early stage and he planned to get treatment for his health and took radiation therapy.

We want to tell Kim Woo-bin’s fans that he’s currently undergoing treatment until he got fully recover since it was a biggest priority for him to get healthy again and focusing on his treatment. We hope that Kim Woo-bin will still receive support and love from his fans to get through the sickness and wish for him to get a speed recovery.

We are also proceed to adjust Kim Woo-bin schedules of his previous work and will inform later about his return to entertainment. Thank you for encourage and numerous cheers for Kim Woo-bin.”

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-bin was scheduled to film the movie Wiretape, which has been delayed due to Kim Woo-bin health condition.

Choi Dong-hoon, as a director of Wiretape told Kim Woo-bin that he should take his health as his first priority, because the actor was considering delaying treatment until filming for his new movie was done. Kim Woobin also almost tried to hide the truth of his diagnosis from his parents because he was afraid of worrying them.

As the official statement from Sidus HQ revealed, the production team for his movie also announced that filming will delayed until after the actor has completed treatment, saying that the actor’s health condition is more important than the movie, and they hope he will recover quickly.

What Is Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

Nasopharyngeal Cancer  is a rare type of head and neck cancer which affects the area behind the nose, on the upper part of the throat. Nasopharyngeal cancer is also called nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). The beginning symptoms from Nasopharyngeal Cancer usually attack the head, neck and ear.

According to www.webmd.com, when we breathe, the air flows down through the nose into throat and nasopharynx, before ending up in the lungs. The nasopharynx is placed right at the base or lower part of skull, above the roof of mouth.


What Causes Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

As with many cancers, the exact cause of nasopharyngeal cancer is unclear, but asopharyngeal cancer has been strongly linked to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).

Nasopharyngeal cancer itself may have a genetic component, but it may also be related to a lifestyle that includes heavy drinking and/or smoking.  This form of cancer is more common in people from China Southeast Asia, and Northern Africa.

What Are The Symptoms Of Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

Kim Woobin was reported to be having abnormal symptoms before he went to the hospital and the cancer was finally discovered. Some of the symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer include frequent ear infections, difficulty speaking, blurry vision, nosebleeds, headaches, and hearing loss.

Kim Woo-bin might getting some these symptoms as well, but there wasn’t any official statement with regards to his specific symptoms. There was just a report that said when the actor visited the hospital, the doctor found that he had a lump in his throat, and this would be a sign that the cancer has been spreading.

At this stage, if the doctor finds a lump in he throat (as in Kim Woo-bin’s case), they will do a biopsy by placing a very thin, hollow needle into the lump, and continue with an imaging test which could help finding a spot where the nasopharyngeal cancer has spread. The imaging tests may include a chest X-ray, CT scan, MRI, and/or an ultrasound of the neck. Along with the imaging tests, they also draw blood to take a Complete blood count (CBC) and other blood tests and EBV testing.

What Are The Stages of Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

An official statement said that Kim Woo-bin was discovered to have  nasopharyngeal cancer in its earliest stage (Stage 0), and he would start treatment immediately.

Here are the stages of nasopharyngeal cancer according to www.webmd.com :

  • Stage 0 – carcinoma in situ.
  • Stage I – Early-stage nasopharyngeal cancer that has not spread to lymph nodes or distant parts of the body.
  • Stage II – Nasopharyngeal cancer that may have spread to nearby tissues and lymph nodes but has not spread to distant parts of the body.
  • Stages III and IV – Are considered more advanced because of tumor size, extent of spread to nearby tissues, lymph nodes, and/or distant parts of the body.
  • If nasopharyngeal cancer returns, it is called recurrent cancer.

There hasn’t been any further information about Kim Woo-bin’s latest condition, but the agency stated that the actor is still undergoing treatment, and hoping for a speedy recovery and comeback in the entertainment industry.

On July 28th, 2017, Sidus HQ finally released another statement about Kim Woobin’ s health, stating that he has lost 10kg (22 lbs) since starting treatment, but there’s no difference with Kim Woo-bin’s appearance before and after his diagnosis.

“We are currently taking care of Kim Woo-bin and he has improved a lot. The examination result hasn’t came out yet but we are waiting for it to decide a further treatment afterwards. He is also consider with exercise and doing better with it. The result of his first round of chemotherapy will be revealed around the middle of August, 2017, and we will give an update information or plans in the future after he is possible to get a second round treatment.”

How Kim Woo-bin’s Girlfriend Reacted to His Current Illness


Kim Woobin has officially been dating the actress Shin Min-ah, and following his diagnosis, Shin Min-ah’s agency stated that she is supporting him any tie he needs, and she’s been helping him through so he can undergo his treatment well.

What’s the Possibility That Kim Woo-bin Will Survive The Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

Kim Woobin is under a specialist’s care for his cancer treatment, and the good news is that he has a good chance of recovering from his illness.

According to Koreaboo, a specialist from the National Cancer Center, Dr. Jung Yoo-seok, who’s currently handling Kim Woobin’s case, stated that the actor has a 70% chance of surviving the cancer, and stands a good chance for recovery.

www.castko.comDr. Jung Yoo-seok appeared on KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly’, and he discussed Kim Woo-bin’s recent health status after his diagnosis with nasopharyngeal cancer. The doctor said in the interview that Kim Woo-bin had a high chance of recovery from his illness, and that they had detected an improvement from his first and second treatments. For the next treatment, they’ll use a mix of a non-surgical procedures and radiation, and see what the result will be on the patient’s health.