Charismatic Kim Woo-seok Under The ‘Red Moon’, Check Out His Solo Debut Here!

Kim Woo-seok’s 1st Place Promise!


For the series of promotions, Kim Woo-seok appeared in the latest episode of the show Kim Shin-young’s Hope Song at Noon which aired on May 26th, 2020. Hosted by DJ Kim Shin-young, Kim Woo-seok talked about many things, one of which is a promise when the song is ranked first in the weekly music program.

Kim Woo-seok promised to perform even better if he had the full support of the public and fans to make his debut solo song ranked first. “It would be nice if I became the champion, but I haven’t made a promise about what would happen if I get first place. There are many sides of me that I want to show, and even if I don’t I want to show a lot of myself,” Kim Woo-seok said.

Kim Woo-seok Performs “Red Moon”


Kim Woo-seok’s hot solo debut stage appearance on Mnet’s M Countdown!

Kim Woo-seok’s solo debut stage appearance on Music Bank!

Kim Woo-seok’s solo debut stage appearance on SBS’ Inkigayo!

Kim Woo-seok’s “Red Moon” relay dance on Mnet’s M Countdown!

Fans React to Kim Woo-seok’s “Red Moon”


When the music video was released, many fans from various fandoms watched and commented on the song and music video from Kim Woo-seok through the official TOP Media YouTube channel. Here are some of the comments in the Kim Woo-seok’s Music Video comments column!

  1. “For anyone who doesn’t know who this man is, he is Kim Wooseok, a vocalist and visual who was in X1 (who are now disbanded 🙁 ) and is also in UP10TION, and is now a soloist as well! Congrats Wooseok! Also to all our oneits, just because X1 members have found new paths doesn’t mean they can’t add more, we still have a chance, oneits fighting!” said account Beesjournal
  2. “This song was an ad on a Minecraft vid… but holy hell this dude is hot,” said account e field.000
  3. “I came here accidentally but honestly this song is so satisfying to hear…” said account Streshtha Nimbalkar