Actor Kim Woo-seok (1994): Profile, Height, Fun Facts, Drama Role

kim woo seok (1994) profile tvn_drama

The Fresh and Rising Korean Actor You Should Know!

Kim Woo-seok is a South Korean actor who is popular with his drama in Voice 4 and Rookie Cops. He is an actor signed under Alien Company and debuted in 2017. Check Kim Woo-seok’s profile, height, fun facts, and drama on this Channel-Korea below! Stay tuned!

Actor Kim Woo-seok (1994)’s Full Profile: Height, Birthday

kim woo seok (1994) profile

Full Name: Kim Woo-seok (Hangeul: 김우석)

Nick name: Kim U Seok, Matt, Gim Woo Seok, Gim U Seok, Kim Woo Suk

Born: March 3, 1994

Height: 177

Zodiac: Pisces

Instagram: @matt_wooseok

10 Actor Kim Woo-seok’s Fun Facts

kim woo seok (1994) profile tvn_drama

1. He is the younger brother of Kim Min-seok (MeloMance).

2. Kim Woo-seok debuted in 2017.
3. Kim Woo-seok and his brother ever appeared in King of Mask Singer.
4. He also appeared in Scripting Your Destiny as Jung Ba-reum.
5. He is not only drive-in drama acting but also musical acting.
6. Kim Woo-seok joined the Korean musical name Thrill Me.
7. His age gap from his brother is three years, he was born in August 1991.
8. He is under Alien Company.
9. He debuted on the web series Love Playlist: Season 2 in 2017.
10. He was studying to major in acting at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

Kim Woo-seok’s Acting Role in Drama

kim woo seok (1994) profile

Kim Woo-seok is a rising actor who deserved to get attention after his just newly debut in 2017. He succeed to steal public after some drama he got a role with. His art skills may be inherited from his gene family since his young brother also has a beautiful voice in the duo group MeloMance. Check Kim Woo-seok’s drama highlight role below!

Kim Woo-seok (1994) in Voice 4

kim woo seok (1994) profile

Kim Woo-seok started widely known after his appearance in the drama Voice 4. In this drama, he becomes Jin Seo-yool, which lead him to The Golden Time Team (guest role) that managed to appear in Voice 2, Voice 3, and Voice 4.

He becomes the IT specialist on the Golden Time Team of emergency call police station. A Jin Seo-yool, he ever becomes the target of a serial killer because of part of the case investigation. The drama is successful as a crime-thriller in 2018 and 2019.

Kim Woo-seok (1994) in ‘Rookie Cops’

kim woo seok (1994) profile

Kim Woo-seok plays the main role of Seo Beon-joo in Rookie Cops. He is portrayed as a high principles student in rule or instruction in the Police University, the most conservative school in South Korea.

Kim Woo-seok as Main Role in 2022 KDrama ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’

kim woo seok (1994) profile

Later in 2022, after he succeed to play the main role in Rookie Cops, then he got the opportunity to play Noh Tae-nam in Military Prosecutor Doberman with Ahn Bo-hyun and Jo Bo-ah. The story is about a duo of military prosecutors working together to solve the case.

Noh Tae-nam portrayed the luxurious son that struggles to adapt to military situations with difficult training. His expression and acting of him have been transferred the real emotion of military training scenes which praised by the producer. He indeed has a passion for acting!
kim woo seok (1994) profile
On his Instagram, Kim Woo-seok often shared his activity behind the camera, behind the scenes of drama, and some fun things. Let’s check his Instagram too. That’s all about Kim Woo-seok profile, height, fun Facts, and drama role. Don’t forget to put your comment and share your thoughts on Twitter too. What drama do you find a fascinating role for Kim Woo-seok? Kee supporting his acting career!