Who is Kim Woo-bin’s Girlfriend? Here is a List of His Girlfriends!

Kim Woo Bin’s Girlfriend in Real Life

Kim Woo Bin- Shin Min ah

Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min-ah’s relationship shocked his fans when it was announced in 2015.┬áKim Woo Bin had never been rumored to be close to anyone, especially artists who were paired with him in films and dramas. There are only rumors about his ex-lover, Yujian, who is a model.

The relationship between the two began when they were both modeling, and ended in 2014. The breakup of Kim Woo-bin and Yujian’s relationship was confirmed by the agency that overshadowed both of them. The next year, Woo Bin was reported to be dating Shin Min-ah.

Kim Woo Bin- Shin min ah

Not many people know that their relationship had started long since. It’s well-documented that the first signs of their affection appeared when they were both shooting ads in February 2015.┬áKim Woo Bin and Shin Min-ah began to show interest in each other when they filmed a joint ad, and officially began dating that May.

Kim Woo BIn- Shin min ah

At first, their agency said that they had no idea about the dating rumors of their artists. But, then both agencies confirmed that it was true, that Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min-ah were dating. Their relationship is still going strong.