Kim Woo-bin Appears As a Guest Star On ‘Running Man’, Check Out the List of Episodes!

Episode 240

Episode 240 was on March 29, 2015. The guests for this episode were Kim Woo-bin, Kang Ha-neul, and Jun-ho from the boy-band 2PM. The three of them were the actors from the movie Twenty, and they were on the show to promote the movie.

The theme for the episode was  to make Ji Suk-jin as the winner for the day. Just imagine, the members are used to beating Ji Suk-jin in every games, but now they have to lose on purpose, and just to let him win. If Ji Suk-jin wins, there are 10 golds for every person. To make it happen, the members started making a strategy.  They were divided into two teams, team Ji Suk-jin and team not-Ji Suk-jin. Team Ji Suk-jin consisted of Kim Jong-kook, Kang Ha-neul, Ji Suk-jin, Yoo Jae-suk, and Jun-ho. The remaining members teamed up as team not-Ji Suk-jin.

The first mission involved answering questions. Team Ji Suk-jin had to answer 30 questions correctly. Automatically, team not-Ji Suk-jin had to give the wrong answers. If they answered even one question, water would pour down onto them. Team Ji Suk-jin started the game successfully, while team not-Ji Suk-jin answered a question correctly and they were drenched with water. The questions went back to team Ji Suk-jin. Unfortunately, Kang Ha-neul gave wrong answers for several questions. In the last round, team Ji Suk-jin successfully answered correctly and received 30 points.

On the way to the third location, Kang Ha-neul started singing a song from the movie. The members of the team were singing and dancing along to the song.

The second mission was that the members had to use pedometers while doing karaoke. The total number on the pedometers had to be at least 600 in order to win. Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo went first, to make Ji Suk-jin’s score as the standard. Then, other members were singing and trying their best, because the PD changed the number for the pedometers to 686. Lee Kwang-soo and Jun-ho were singing Heartbeat from 2PM. His funny dancing made everyone in there laugh. Kim Woo-bin was running while singing, to add numbers on his pedometers. In the end, Ji Suk-jin become the first again and gained 50 points.

For the last 20 points, they had to play ripping name tag games, but not against each other. There were 5 hunters  set to rip their name tags. The members’ job was to protect Ji Suk-jin, and make sure Ji Suk-jin tore 2 hunter’s name tags to earn points. Kim Jong-kook and Kim Woo-bin were in charge protecting Ji Suk-jin. Then, all of them started attacking one hunter. It was a 7:1 battle.

While other hunters were trying to attack Ji Suk-jin, Kim Woo-bin held him, and let Ji Suk-jin rip the name tag. After fighting agains the hunters, the only members left were Kim Jong-kook, Kim Woo-bin, and Ji Suk-jin. With the help of his protectors, Ji Suk-jin finally ripped two name tags. His score was now 100, and they succeeded in making Ji Suk-jin the winner. When the PD gave him the gold, he asked Ji Suk-jin  whether he would share the gold with the other members or not. Of course, the members starts protesting, but Ji Suk-jin just closed the lid and brought all the gold home with him. I guess Ji Suk-jin betrayed them, huh?