Kim Woo-bin Appears As a Guest Star On ‘Running Man’, Check Out the List of Episodes!

Episode 189

Episode 189 broadcast on March 16, 2014. This episode continued from the previous episode in Australia, and the teams continued to search for the lost hidden treasure. The members woke up at 5 AM after being told about their mission at the night before. Each of the members were given a personal camera. Lee Kwang-soo and HaHa started behaving mischievously. First they woke up Gary, who was sleeping naked, then, Kim Jong-kook joined them and started to play leg-splitting. Kim Woo-bin became his victim, too.

After all the chaos, the members started heading out to their mission. Kim Woo-bin and Lee Kwang-soo were given choices of transportation for all four elements, and they chose an open car that symbolized earth. Rain and Kim Jong-kook also chose a car. On the way to mission’s location, Lee Kwang-soo gave Kim Woo-bin tips on how to defeat Kim Jong-kook, but Kim Woo-bin already felt defeated because Kim Jong-kook’s body was in even better shape than the last time they met.

Their first mission was to hold a glass of water and try to not spill it until next station. Of course, Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Woo-bin couldn’t hold it because of the bumpy road. After failing on their first chance, Lee Kwang-soo tried to figure out how to cheat. Then, before the race started, Lee Kwang-soo gulped the water and held it in his mouth. Rain found out what he was up to, and Lee Kwang-soo was called out. After race started, Lee Kwang-soo gulped the water again, and held it through the ride. When the PD tried to measure it, Kim Jong-kook told the PD that Lee Kwang-soo cheated again, because the amount of his water was different from when he started. In the end, Rain and Kim Jong-kook’s team also cheated by gulping their water, because PD accepted it as a tactic. After that, they both passed to the next mission.

Other teams also finished their missions, and everyone headed to the next location, in Melbourne. The final mission was that they had to gather the four elements to unlock the treasure. This was about the time Song Ji-hyo arrived from Korea, and she was automatically made the ‘earth’ card holder. In order to gain the card, Song Ji-hyo had to finish all the missions. Meanwhile, other members were off to final mission’s location. While he was walking in a graffiti-filled alley in Melbourne, Lee Kwang-soo made an impromptu music video, and Kim Woo-bin shyly joined him.

Kim Woo-bin and Lee Kwang-soo’s mission was to beat four people at arm wrestling. Lee Kwang-soo used his limited English to ask everyone about arm wrestling matches.  He even offered a father to take care of his baby while the father wrestled against Kim Woo-bin. Luckily, they won their four matches. Their next mission involved guessing pop songs that were being hummed by local people. They won again, and acquired a ‘fire’ card. Then, the last mission was going to take place at the Royal Exhibition Building (part of Museum Victoria). Song Ji-hyo was the first one to arrive, and she couldn’t stop staring at the building’s design.

After all the teams entered the building, they started stealing each other’s cards without knowing what kind of element any of them had. Lee Kwang-soo blatantly asked for Song Ji-hyo’s earth card, which made Song Ji-hyo jokingly hit him. They looked for cards in every corner of the building. When Ji Suk-jin found a card under a pillar, everyone started to roaming around him.

Meanwhile, Rain ripped Lee Kwang-soo’s name tag to win his card. After Lee Kwang-soo was eliminated, he started looking for cards by himself. He also naively showed his ‘water’ card to Kim Jong-kook. Rain promptly ripped his name tag, and stole it. For Kim Jong-kook and Rain’s team, the only card that they needed was Song Ji-hyo’s ‘earth’ card. Rain got the card, combined the four elements, and won the gold.