Kim Woo-bin Appears As a Guest Star On ‘Running Man’, Check Out the List of Episodes!

Episode 188

Episode 188 was broadcast on March 9, 2014. This was Kim Woo-bin’s third appearance on Running Man. This episode took place in Australia, using the theme ‘Adventure in Australia’. Before heading to Australia,  the guests and Running Man members were meeting at the dock, except Song Ji-hyo, because of her schedule. The group was divided into teams; Rain and Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Woo-bin and Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook and HaHa, and Ji Suk -jn and Gary. The mission was to look for a hidden treasure chest that was found in the four elements (earth, water, wind, and fire). They flew off to the mission’s location using helicopter.

The first location was at the Tagalooma Island Resort, in Brisbane. Each team had to find the treasure’s key underwater. All the members were happy to have their first experience diving underwater, especially Kim Woo-bin, but Gary and Ji Suk-jin were afraid. The first person who found a key was Rain, who quickly unlocked the treasure. After some contemplating, Gary forced Ji Suk-jin to dive with him, and they found the key. When they were about to unlock the treasure, Kim Woo-Bin unlocked it first, and became the second team who found treasure.

The second location was at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The teams were wearing kangaroo suits. The mission for this location was jumping on a pole, and each team had to jump a combined distance of 3 meters in order to win. Kim Woo-bin looked funny, especially with his manly face looking out of the cutesy costume.

On this mission, Kim Woo-bin and Yoo Jae-suk were the first to succeed, even though Kim Woo-bin fell on the pad several times. Apparently, his tall height didn’t help much in this mission. When the challenge was over, the teams went off off to feed kangaroos.

For the second mission, each member had to find specific koalas. The mission was really hard, because a koala isn’t a friendly animal, and the mission was going on at a time when most of the koalas were sleeping. Yoo Jae-Suk tried to cheat by asking the animal trainer. Luckily, they won again, and  were able to open another treasure. That treasure contained a grocery list and a picture of a license plate. That meant each team had to find their Jeep, and drive to the market.

This mission is a bit challenging because most items on the list were in English, and the members didn’t understand.  They had to get help asking about the ingredients. Luckily, most people there willing to help the members. They divided the tasks, with one looking the item and the other asking about the items. Rain and Lee Kwang-soo succeeded first, and headed back to the resort.

After all members had gathered around at the house, the PD announced the mission for the next day’s race. They could switch team members to help them combining the elements. Rain was the first one to pick. In an unexpected move, Rain choose Kim Jon-kook as his team member. This shows how much strength would be needed for the next day’s mission. Because they could switch teams, Kim Jong-kook guessed that they were going to do the ripping name tag game. Kim Woo-bin himself was chosen by Lee Kwang-soo, and they paired up. The reason Lee Kwang-soo chose Kim Woo-bin was because Lee Kwang-soo promised to help his revenge to Kim Jong-kook. This left Ji Suk-jin with Yoo Jae-suk and Gary with HaHa on the last team. While cooking dinner, they were mischievously throwing each other into the pool. The only one who was able to hide wass Rain, because he blocked his head with a towel.