Kim Woo-bin Appears As a Guest Star On ‘Running Man’, Check Out the List of Episodes!

Episode 166

Episode 166 was broadcast on October 6, 2013. This was the second episode Kim Woo-bin was a guest for. The other guests included Choi Jin-hyuk, and Park Shin-hye. The episode was inspired by the drama The Heirs, because the theme for the episode was a race to be heiress. The group was divided into two teams, the fashion group (Kim Woo-bin, Choi Jin-hyuk, Park Shin Hye, Yoo Jae-euk, and Gary) and the oil group (HaHa, Kim Jong-kook, Ji Suk-kin, Lee Kwang Soo, and Song Ji Hyo). The PD explained the day’s mission: Every member is a candidate to be the heiress. In order to sit on the throne, each played had to acquire money, and they were all given a bookbank. Whoever had the most money at the end would be the heir of the company. After opening the show with suits and fancy food,  both teams changed into tracksuits for the real competition. Even while wearing tracksuits, Choi Jin-hyuk and Kim Woo-bin still looked good.Yoo Jae-suk joked that he would be ‘squid’ of the group because of their handsome looks.

The first mission didn’t seem related to the theme, because the teams were told they had to pull plungers from the pillar at the SBS office. From fashion group, Kim Woo-bin was the first one to go. He easily pulled off a plunger, and Lee Kwang-soo, the representative from oil group, felt wronged.

For the second round, each team could put the plungers wherever they wanted. Kim Woo-Bin sneakily put the plungers on the top, with the help from Choi Jin-hyuk. To pull off the plungers, Lee Kwang-soo had to carry HaHa, so Haha could reach and pull one off. In the end, oil group won and were given bankbooks with real money in them. Song -h Hyo was chosen to keep the money.

The second mission was a 1:1 battle with different games. The winner would be able to throw a glass of water in the loser’s face. Kim Woo-bin played against Kim Jong Kook for headflick games. Even though Kim Jong Kook got to hit first, Kim Woo Bin was able to match it, hitting Kim Jong Kook, and was declared the winner. Oh, and Kim Woo Bin was able to throw water at Kim Jong Kook, too.

The other members played different games. Choi Jin-huk and Lee Kwang-soo played a thumb-wrestling game, HaHa and Yoo Jae-suk had to race to change into suits the fastest, Park Shin Hye and Song Ji Hyo played a silver and gold spoon game. In the end, fashion group become the winner, collecting 12 bankbooks, while oil group only won 3.

The third mission was pool wrestling. The players had to push their enemy into the pool only using their head. The first members to be matched were HaHa and Yoo Jae-Suk. As expected, HaHa failed and Yoo Jae Suk won. The next pair were Kim Woo Bin up against Lee Kwang Soo. The second Kim Woo-bin put his head on Lee Kwang Soo, he shouted in pain. In no time, Kim Woo Bin was able to push Lee Kwang Soo into the pool.

Because his teammates lost consecutively, Kim Jong-kook was fired up and trying to fight the other team, but Park Shin-hye was chosen as the next representative, and Kim Jong-kook went weak because of her aegyo. In the end, fashion group won again, earning a total of 17 bankbooks, while oil group only had 5 bankbooks.

The fourth mission was looking for stakeholders, and pleasing them to get more bankbooks. Kim Woo-Bin and Yoo Jae-Suk met MC Im Sung-hoon and announcer Kim Min Ji to get the envelope. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye and oil group was at the Cultwo Show’s studio, trying to wins Cultwo’s heart. Yoo Jae-Suk was also trying to get wins from the other announcer by dancing and joking around. Park Shin Hye was working hard to earn the envelope. With the stakeholder a member of Girls Day, she tried dancing,and pleased them enough to be successful. In the end, she almost won, but Choi Jin Hyuk beat her, with total money in the amount of one million won.