Kim Woo-Bin Appears as a Guest Star on ‘Running Man’, Check Out the List of Episodes!

Kim Woo-Bin’s Appearances on Running Man

Running Man is a reality show that has been airing since 2011 on channel SBS. Since then, the show has been visited by many guests from the entertainment industry, including actors and actresses. The guests have to take part in various missions with the Running Man cast members Yoo Jae-Suk, Kim Jong-Kook, Ji Suk-Jin, Song Ji-Hyo, Lee Kwang-Soo, Yang Se-Chan, HaHa, and Jeon So-Min. One of the actors that have appeared as a guest several times is Kim Woo-Bin.

So, wanna know more about Kim Woo-Bin’s appearances on the show? Here’s the list!

Kim Woo-Bin’s Appearances on Running Man

Kim Woo-Bin episode list running man

It is known that actor Kim Woo-Bin has joined Running Man for several episodes. We believe he has shown up in episodes 138, 166, 188, 189, 225, and the latest of his contribution, episode 240. In this section, we will discuss every episode of Running Man he starred in. Are you curious? If yes, then check out the content below!

Kim Woo-Bin’s Appearances on Running Man Episodes List

Since the cast members from Running Man already have the best assortment of skills, it is hard to find Korean celebrities who can match their connection, timing, and all-around game-playing abilities. All things considered, there have been some stand-out guests that can play with them truly well. One of them happens to be Kim Woo-Bin. Check out which episodes he’s starred in down below.

  • Episode 138: Kim Woo-Bin appeared as a guest along with Kim Soo-Ro, Lee Jong-Hyun from CNBLUE, Lee Jong-Suk, and Min Hyo-Rin.
  • Episode 166: Kim Woo-Bin appeared as a guest along with Park Shin-Hye, Kim Woo-Bin, and Choi Jin-Hyuk
  • Episode 188: Kim Woo-Bin appeared as a guest in a special episode of Running Man Australia along with Rain.
  • Episode 189: Kim Woo-Bin appeared as a guest in a special episode of Running Man Australia along with Rain.
  • Episode 225: Kim Woo-Bin appeared as a guest along with Lee Hyun-Woo.
  • Episode 240: Kim Woo-Bin appeared as a guest along with Kang Ha-Neul and Junho from 2PM.

Kim Woo-Bin in Episode 138

The first episode Kim Woo-Bin appeared in was broadcasted on March 24, 2013. Other guests in the episode included Lee Jong-Suk (School 2013), Lee Jong-Hyun from the band CN Blue, Kim Soo-Ro (A Gentleman’s Dignity), and Min Hyo-Rin (Sunny). The members were teamed up as Gentleman High Students in opposing clubs. The theme for that particular episode was inspired by School 2013, the drama Lee Jong-Suk and Kim Woo-Bin had just finished making. The teams competed against each other to be the winner.

For the first mission, each team had to go through a 2-on-2 name-tag-ripping battle. Two members from each team battled each other. If one of them lost, then the other member of the pair had to go against the winner. After the PD gave the cue to start, both teams began fiercely. From the actors’ team, the first members were Kim Woo-Bin and Lee Jong-Hyun. From the Running Man cast, the first members were Lee Kwang-Soo and Ji Suk-Jin. Kim Woo-Bin tried to attack Lee Kwang-Soo, but Lee Kwang-Soo gave Ji Suk-Jin away, and then he was eliminated. Kim Jong-Kook was the next member up. Unfortunately, Lee Kwang-Soo eliminated both Lee Jong-Hyun and Kim Woo-Bin.

The next players from the actors’ team were Lee Jong-Suk and Min Hyo-Rin, and HaHa joined Kim Jong-Kook and Lee Kwang-Soo. HaHa was eliminated and replaced by Song Ji-Hyo. In no time at all, Lee Jong-Suk and Hyo-Rin were then eliminated by Kim Jong-Kook. The last players from the actors’ team were Kim Soo-Ro and Yoo Jae-Suk. Surprisingly, Kim Soo-Ro was able to rip Kim Jong-Kook’s name tag. Meanwhile, Yoo Jae-Suk got cornered by Song Ji-Hyo and Gary.

Song Ji-Hyo ripped Kim Soo-Ro’s name tag and left Yoo Jae-Suk by himself. Although he was alone, Yoo Jae-Suk ripped Gary’s name tag off in no time. Song Ji-Hyo tried to tickle Yoo Jae-Suk and was able to rip his name tag off. In the end, the Running Man cast won the first mission.

The second mission took place in the cafeteria. When each team arrived, they were given time to eat anything they wanted, but the loser team had to pay for it all. The mission continued with a relay eating game. The rules were simple, everyone had to eat some snacks, and the team that finished the fastest won the challenge. To keep the mission from being too easy, the production team used snacks that are hard to eat in a hurry, like hot noodles/ ramyun, ice cream, eggs, chocolate, drinking soda, and bottles of water. The Running Man team members went first. Their time for finishing was 4 minutes, 55 seconds. Lee Kwang-Soo drank the soda. When he finished, he couldn’t help burping when he tried to whistle, making everyone laugh.

The actors’ team took their turn next. Min Hyo-Rin ate the hot ramyun, Kim Woo-Bin ate the egg, Lee Jong-Suk tackled the ice cream, Kim Soo-Ro did the chocolate, Lee Jong-Hyun drank a bottle of water, and Yoo Jae-Suk did the soda. While Lee Jong-Suk was eating his ice cream, he got a brain-freeze and was holding Kim Woo-Bin’s hand while jumping up and down together. Their interaction reminded us of their bromance in School 2013. Luckily, they won by 8 seconds.

The next mission was doing splits. The rule was the team whose splits covered the longest length would be the winner. The actors’ team seemed like it would have the advantage since Lee Jong-Suk and Kim Woo-Bin used to be models and are known for their height. Tall or not, they weren’t flexible enough to make their splits go far, and the Running Man cast team won the mission.

The fourth mission was wrestling over a swimming pool. Each group had to push their opponents into the water for a win. The last one standing would be the winner. Of course, Kim Jong-Kook tried his hardest to win. When the actors’ group was trying to provoke him, Kim Jong-Kook started throwing everyone to the pool, and the Running Man team won the first round. For the second round, the actors came up with a plan to go 1:1 against the Running Man members. Kim Woo-Bin successfully threw Gary into the pool.

The final mission was for each team to place their flag at the flagpole within a 30-minute time period. Each team’s members had to protect their flag to keep the other team from stealing it. The team who arrived first would have the advantage of being able to hide their flag easily.

Kim Soo-Ro tried to trick the other team into thinking that he was the one hiding the flag. After Kim Jong-Kook arrived at the place, he caught Kim Soo-Ro and searched his body looking for the flag. It turns out Lee Jong-Hyun was hiding the flag, but he wasn’t very good at hide-and-seek so he gave the flag to Kim Woo-Bin. When Kim Woo-Bin hid in one of the classrooms, Song Ji-hyo and Gary found him. Kim Woo-Bin started running until they lost him. However, Lee Kwang-Boo still captured him and stole his flag, running away afterward. Luckily for the actors, Lee Jong-Hyun was able to steal their flag back and gave it to Lee Jong-Suk. When Lee Jong-Suk was going to tie the flag to their team’s flagpole, HaHa put their team’s flag on there, instead, hoping to confuse the actors’ team. Lee Jong-Hyun hurriedly removed Haha’s flag and tied the actors’ flag on, and the actors’ team won the final challenge.

On March 24, 2013, Kim Soo-Ro posted the actors’ team’s selfie on his Twitter with the caption, “I am happy to have a new director!” The photo shows them posing together while warming up before the show started.