Co-stars in ‘The Heirs’, Take a Look at Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye’s Friendship

The Friendship After Drama Ended

kim woo bin & park shin hye

People might be curious about Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye’s friendship after they finished filming The Heirs. Are they still be good friends to each other? Yes, they are!

The two performers have remained good friends since since their time working together on The Heirs. Kim Woo-bin is the sort of person who wouldn’t really be able to hang out with people who aren’t the same age as he is, and he has a hard time getting close with his co-stars in his projects. But with Park Shin-hye’s bravery in approaching him as a friend, Kim Woo-bin eventually became comfortable with her as a good friend.

Their friendship is kind of a ‘brother-sister’ friendship, due to Kim Woo-bin’s statement that he was considering Park Shin-hye as his sister. He also revealed that he has learned a lot of from acting with Park Shin-hye, since she started her acting career before he did.

Their Appearance in Running Man

kim woo bin & park shin hye

Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye also once appeared on the same TV show together, and it was Running Man! They appeared in the episode 166 along with Choi Jin-hyuk. In that episode, Running Man was using a ‘The Heirs’ theme, which was inspired by The Heirs‘ drama. As usual, Running Man provided a lot of fun and hilarious missions for the members to get their heritage at the end of the episode!

kim woo bin & park shin hye


kim woo bin & park shin hye


running man

In the episode, the Running Man team was divided into two different groups, the fashion group and the oil group. Fashion group consisted of Kim Woo-bin, Park Shin-hye, Choi Jin-hyuk, Yoo Jae-euk, and Gary, meanwhile oil group consisted of HaHa, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Kwang-soo, and Ji Suk-kin.

They had to collect a bunch of money and they were given a bookbank. Whichever team  received the most money would be the heir to the company. Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye still looking good, as well, with their blue training suits!

park shin hye


kim woo-bin

Since Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye were in the same group, they had to finish all of the missions during the show, such as pulling plungers off a pillar in the bulding, head-flicking games, pool wrestling, and more!

Watch some of Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye’s appearance in Running Man here:


Their Latest News

kim woo bin & park shin hye

Last, but not least, let’s move on to their latest news! Since we all know that for the past few years Kim Woo-bin has been on hiatus from entertainment industry to undergo his health treatment, we’ll give you the latest news about Park Shin-hye, so let’s check this out!

Recently, Park Shin-hye appeared on Entertainment Weekly. She talked about her sixteen-year career and also about her philanthropy in Africa and the Philippines, Shinhye Center. Since she’s had a lot of great chemistry with her male co-workers in various dramas, she revealed that they went into a good line during filming and the chemistry appeared naturally as they were working together.

park shin hye

Meanwhile, the Shinhye Center was built up from Park Shin-hye’s fan meeting profits, and also her fans have helped her along with the physical and emotional supports for Shinhye Center. The place was developed to help children in local areas to have their needs met. Park Shin-hye said she also donated some laundry machines for some firefighters there.

She is reportedly becoming involved with an upcoming MBC show with the animal theme! The show will be aired in December, 2019, and she will be the ‘Humanimal’ presenter. ‘Humanimal’ refers to the stories of animal and human’s lives, deaths, and the coexistence between them.

That’s it is for today’s article about Park Shin-hye and Kim Woo-bin’s friendship! Now we all know the history about their friendship, and how it all began. Even though lately we barely seen their appearance together, at least we know that Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye still hold their strong bones together. Let’s always support them and wait for another project from Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye!

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