Full Profile of Korean Actress Kim Won-hee

kim wonhee

Kim Won-hee, the Korean Actress and TV Presenter

Having debuted as a television actress in 1991 by playing a minor role on an MBC drama, Kim Won-hee is currently known as both an actress and a TV presenter, proving that she is quite multi-talented. Her awards are diverse, in both the acting and hosting field, such as the Excellence Award in the category of Actress at the SBS Drama Awards in 2001, the Excellence Award in Radio at the MBC Drama Awards in 2002, Most Popular Actress (TV) at the 39th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2003, Best MC at the SBS Entertainment Awards in 2009, and Best Female Variety Performer at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2011. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kim Won-hee, including her full profile; the list of her television dramas, movies, and variety shows; her marriage; her scandal; and her Instagram feed. So, keep reading!

Full Profile of Kim Won-hee

kim wonhee

Real Name: Kim Won Hee

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 9 June 1972

Age: 47 (Korean age) / 46 (International age)

Occupation: Actress and TV Presenter

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Astrology: Rat

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood Type: A

Spouse: Son Hyuk-chan (married since 2005)

Talent Agency: FNC Entertainment

Instagram: @wonhee_k

List of Kim Won-hee’s Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

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Despite the fact that in recent years she is more known as a TV presenter, Kim Won-hee debuted as an actress. Starting by playing supporting roles, Kim Won-hee was finally trusted by the producers of television series to play the main role, such as on Hong Gil-dong, Queen, The Thief’s Daughter, and The Houseguest of My Mother. As for her career in emceeing shows, Kim Won-hee is considered an excellent female host and variety star as well. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series, films, and variety shows that Kim Won-hee has starred in and appeared on.

1991 – MBC Mudongine House (as Supporting Role)

1992 – An Unlikely Farewell (short film) (Supporting Role as Sook-yi)

1994 – The Man Who Cannot Kiss (Supporting Role as Yoo Mi-na)

1994 – MBC The Moon of Seoul (Supporting Role as Lee Ho-soon)

1994 – SBS Way of Living: Woman (Supporting Role as Choi Yoon-na)

1995 – SBS Jang Hui-bin (Supporting Role as Queen Inhyun)

1995 – SBS LA Arirang (as Supporting Role)

1996 – SBS Wealthy Yu-chun (Supporting Role as Song Cho-won)

1996 – SBS Im Kkeokjeong (Supporting Role as Hwang Woon-chong)

1996 – SBS Palace of Dreams (Supporting Role as Heo Mi-kang)

1996 – Piano Man (Supporting Role as Doctor)

1997 – SBS OK Ranch (as Supporting Role)

1997 – SBS Miss & Mister (as Supporting Role)

1997 – KBS2 The Barefooted Youth (as Supporting Role)

1998 – SBS Hong Gil-dong (Main Role as Kim In-ok)

1998 – SBS Eun-shil (Supporting Role as Yang Kil-rye)

1998 – The Extra (Supporting Role as Kang Bo-ra)

1998-2001 – iTV Love for Three Days (as Host)

1999 – SBS Queen (Main Role as Kang Seung-ri)

2000 – SBS The Thief’s Daughter (Main Role as Kim Myung-sun)

2001-2003 – MBC FM4U Hopeful Music at Noon (as DJ)

2001 – SBS Honey Honey (as Host)

2002 – Oh! LaLa Sisters (Main Role as Jang Mi-ok)

2002-2009 – MBC Mystery TV: Surprise (as Host)

2003-2005 – KBS Korea’s First Period (as Host)

2003 – North Korean Guys (Guest Appearance as Woman at homestay)

2003 – SBS X-Man (as Guest)

2004 – Father and Son: The Story of Mencius (Guest Appearance as Piggy mother)

2004-2012 – MBC Come to Play (as Host with Yoo Jae-suk)

2005 – SBS Love Needs a Miracle (Main Role as Cha Bong-shim)

2005 – Marrying the Mafia II (Supporting Role as Kim Jin-kyung)

2005 – Marrying the Mafia III (Supporting Role as Kim Jin-kyung / Park Jin-sook)

2005-2007 – MBC FM4U Afternoon Discovery (as DJ)

2006-2007 – SBS Hey Hey Hey – Season 2 (as Host)

2006-2008 – MBC Dramanet 3 Color Women Talk Show (as Host)

2008 – MBC We Got Married: Season 1 (as the Main Host)

2006 – Who Slept with Her? (Guest Appearance as Jae-seong’s mother)

2007 – Swindler in My Mom’s House / The Houseguest of My Mother (Main Role as Hye-joo)

2008 – OCN Don’t Ask Me About the Past (Main Role as Kwak Sun-young)

2008 – KBS2 Things We Do That We Know We Will Regret / Four Colors of Love (Main Role on episode 4 On a Night Sparkling with Stars)

2008-2009 – MBC Complaint Zero (as Host)

2008-2009 – MBC May I Sleep Over? (as Host)

2009-present – SBS Jagiya (Honey) (as Host)

2009-present – Story On Sold Out Women’s Blog (as Host)

2009 – Short! Short! Short! (Supporting Role on Segment: Coin Boy)

2010 –  SBS Family Outing (as Cast Member)

2010 – SBS Running Man (Guest Appearance on episode 339)

2010-2011 – Mnet He’s Just Not That into You (as Host)

2011 – E Channel Diet Revenge (as Host)

2011-2012 – Channel A Art School (as Host)

2012-2013 – Story On Chatter with Kim Won-hee (as Host)

2012-2013 – Channel A King of Anger (as Host)

2013-present – TV Chosun Sallum Nine-Tier Statue (as Host)

2014 – jTBC King of the Game (as Host)

2015 – KBS2 Great Recipe: Let’s Go to the Mart (as Host)

Kim Won-hee’s Marriage

kim wonhee

In 2005, Kim Won-hee tied the knot to her first love, a photo journalist named Son Hyuk-chan. They first met in 1991 and began their relationship. Kim Won-hee successfully maintained the long distance relationship when he went to Japan to study photography for 15 years, and ended up marrying him.

kim wonhee

On KBS2’s 1 vs. 100, Kim Won Hee shared tidbits of her relationship with her husband, “I still don’t change my clothes in front of my husband. My personality seems very outgoing, but in reality, I am very shy.”

Kim Won-hee’s Scandal

kim wonhee

As has been known, Kim Won-hee was a regular cast member of the second season of SBS’s variety show Family Outing. On the show, which was broadcast on 5 April 2009, many netizens were uncomfortable with the fact that Kim Won-hee grabbed female singer Lee Hyo-ri by the collar. The event occurred as Lee Hyo-ri and Bigbang’s Daesung had secretly eaten some of the pork which was meant to be shared by the whole family. Even though they denied having eaten the pork, Kim Won-hee was not having it, and grabbed Lee Hyo-ri’s collar jacket while jokingly asking, “Did you or did you not?” After the show aired, many netizens and Lee Hyo-ri’s fans left comments on Kim Won-hee’s Cyworld, expressing their disappointment and saying that she should not have done that, even though it was only in jest, because it was too much. Well, what do you think, dear readers? Do you think that what Kim Won-hee did to Lee Hyo-ri was going overboard?