Take a Look at BTS’s V (Kim Tae-hyung) Inspired Outfit and Airport Fashion Style!

4. V’s Gucci Fashion


If you have a lot of Gucci products, maybe you can imitate this V style. He often combines Gucci products with other products. Gucci products that he often uses include the iconic tiger, snake, and blue-and-green striped accessories, pieces, footwear, and fur slides. He makes it look both casual and easy to wear. He’s definitely come a long way since his DIY projects.

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5. V’s Red Fashion


Red is a bright color that not many people can pull off. If you like red, you might be able to follow the style of V for this one. The color is suitable if combined with black and gold because it will make you look more elegant while still remaining simple.

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6. V’s Romantic Fashion


If you want to go on a date or attend a formal event, maybe you can imitate this style. Long shirts with a blazer or tuxedo plus ruffles, ribbons, and a flower neck accessory will make you look more handsome and elegant, even romantic.

7. V’s Cool and Cozy Fashion


Is it winter but you want to look fashionable? Maybe, you can copy this style. V likes playing with outerwear that makes him stand out. Put the eclectic pieces to rest and stick to classic staples like an all-black long coat or a lighter and more sophisticated neutral attire. That’s what makes our styles often surprising and unexpected, we can be both ends of the spectrum of modern and classic looks.

8. V’s Bold and Daring Fashion


Want to steal the attention of women when at a party? Consider this V style. Using a long-sleeved shirt with a striking motif, like a flower motif, combine with black pants or pants that match the shirt. Don’t forget the black formal shoes.

So, what do you think? Which fashion suits you?