Take a Look at BTS’s V (Kim Tae-hyung) Inspired Outfit and Airport Fashion Style!


The Fashion Evolution of BTS’s Kim Tae-hyung (V)

All K-pop fans around the world certainly know who Kim Tae-hyung is from BTS, right? Some of you may also be fans of members who are famous for very active and strange behavior. Kim Tae-hyung or V is known as an alien because he has a very strange attitude compared to other members and has very unique tastes.

V has unique fashion tastes and always steals public attention with his clothes. He cuts random holes in his clothes, trims the hems, styles his own airport outfits, and expands his collection with his favorite high fashion designer brand Gucci.

Maybe, V’s style can inspire you to an evolution of your own style. Here are some of his best styles, so check them out!

1. V’s Casual Fashion


Casual fashion like this can be used while traveling casually with friends or with your girlfriend on a sunny day.

He wears a combination of plain colored shirts with or without outerwear. Aim for plain shirts with neutral colors like black, blue, and white that are suitable to be combined with outerwear, as desired.

For pants, you can always wear black. Don’t forget to use black shoes to add an elegant appeal to your appearance. You can add accessories such as hats so your appearance looks more relaxed.

What do you think?

2. V’s Bag Fashion


If you have a small bag you rarely use, maybe you can combine it with a simple shirt. A plain shirt with an oversized jacket or shirt can add to your appearance so that it is not too plain.

You can also wear fitting or oversized pants in black to add an elegant impression. Add black shoes or sandals depending on where you want to travel.

Don’t forget, use a small colored bag with a plain pattern so your appearance does not look too excited. You can also add buckles or colored hats with plain patterns.

Well, interested in trying a style like this?

3. V’s Striped Fashion


If you are a fan of striped clothes, maybe you can copy this style. Often, V wears stripes of two colors or more. Clothes like this are suitable for anything.

Striped clothes can be mixed with plain black pants. If you want to try other colors, you can look at pastel colors like brown, beige, or white. You can also wear a plain hat, but do not wear a hat with patterns because your appearance will look too busy.

You can also wear shoes or sandals, depending on your own taste. What do you think? Does this style suit you?