Everything About Actor and Model Kim Tae-hwan: Korean Actor and Model Active in the Chinese Entertainment Industry


Meet the Handsome Actor-Model Kim Tae-hwan!

Starting as a model, Kim Tae-hwan was born in South Korea on July 12th, 1992. His name skyrocketed after he played in the popular Chinese web drama series from 2016, My Amazing Boyfriend, and played the leading role even though this drama marked his acting debut.
After his appearance in this drama, many did not expect the actor playing the leading role in My Amazing Boyfriend to actually be a Korean, and be very well known in China. Kim Tae-hwan has also been active as a model and has had several roles as a model in Music Videos in South Korea. Let’s find out more about actor and model Kim Tae-hwan who is from South Korea and is active in the Chinese entertainment world!

Full Profile and Facts


Kim Tae-hwan’s Profile:

Birth Name: Kim Tae-hwan (김태환)

Chinese Name: Jin Taihuan (金泰煥)

Date of Birth: July 12th, 1992

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 187 cm (6’2″)

Weight: 65 kg (143 lb)

Instagram: @kimmtae

Kim Tae Hwan’s Facts:
– His agencies are Choiii in Seoul, I LOVE in Milan, and Bananas in Paris.
– He has walked down dozens of runways and has been featured in many magazines, like GQ Korea, Vogue Girl Korea, Esquire Korea, L’Officiel Hommes Korea, and more.
– He has a very playful personality.
– When he was learning Chinese, Wu Qian, his co-star in the drama My Amazing Boyfriend would help him.
– He started modeling as a teenager.

Active as an Actor in Both Korea and China


Kim Tae-hwan is one of the first Korean celebrities to make their acting debut in a foreign series. Of course, this is an amazing thing and is worth to be proud of. His debut drama became a very popular drama, and at the same time made the name Kim Tae-hwan, or in Chinese Jin Taihuan, popular both in China and Korea.

The producer of My Amazing Boyfriend said that he chose Jin Taihuan (Kim Tae-hwan), who had no filming experience because he watched the music MV, starring Kim Tae-hwan. Despite having no experience in acting at the time, Kim Tae-hwan still gave it his best, even though he certainly had difficulty communicating well considering all the staff and actors in My Amazing Boyfriend used Chinese to communicate with each other because it is a Chinese drama. Kim Tae-hwan is known to have learned Mandarin from his co-star in this drama, Wu Qian, during the shooting process. Although in this version, the voice of Kim Tae-hwan is dubbed, Kim Tae-hwan is trying to communicate in Chinese with other actors and the crew.
A year after that, in 2017, Kim Tae-hwan returned to the small screens again by starring in a drama. But this time is different from the previous drama. Kim Tae-hwan starred in a Korean drama, and he was not the leading actor, he only had a supporting role. Even so, Kim Tae-hwan still gave his best in the drama. On Kim Tae-hwan’s first appearance in this drama, which is short and without dialogue, he made sure of the character’s presence, he made a deep impression.

Overflowing Charisma as a Model


Started modeling as a teenager, Kim Tae-hwan was known to have grown to 185 cm when he was still in the third grade of Middle School. His father is a Taekwondo coach, so he has been learning Taekwondo since he started his studies in high school, and he naturally embarked on the model road.

In November 2012, Park Tae-hwan filmed for ESQUIRE magazine and officially debuted as a model. However, his modeling career didn’t stop there. In January 2014, Park Tae-hwan was invited to participate in the autumn and winter men’s fashion week international fashion show represented by Milan and Paris. At the S/S Collection show, Park Tae-hwan was on the stage of 13 brands’ shows and in March 2014, in the autumn and winter international fashion week in Seoul, Korea, Park Tae-hwan boarded nine fashion show stages. In the same year, he starred in the Korean single rock band YB lead singer Yin Daoxian’s solo single “Rain Sound” MV as male No.1. Here are some photos of Kim Tae-hwan as a runway model.

Neil Barrett S/S 14 Men’s Show, Published: June 2013

Neil Barrett S/S 14 Men's Show Published: June 2013-Kim Tae-hwan

MFW S/S 15 Mens & Pitti Uomo 86 Street Style by Melodie Jeng, Published: June 2014, Photographer: Melodie Jang

Kim Tae-hwan-MFW SS15 Mens & Pitti Uomo 86 Street Style by Melodie Jeng

Neil Barrett S/S 15 Men’s Show, Published: June 2014, Designer: Neil Barrett

Kim Tae-hwan-Neil Barrett S/S 15 Men's Show

Kim Seo-ryong Runway Seoul Fashion Week F/W 16

Kimseoryong Runway Seoul Fashion Week FW16-Kim Tae-hwan
Vogue Korea
Kimseoryong Runway Seoul Fashion Week FW16-Kim Tae-hwan
Vogue Korea

GEEK, September 2013: 김 대리를 위한 전천후 수트

Kim Tae-hwan GEEK,K, September 2013

Esquire, May 2015 (via imagazinekorea)

Kim Tae-hwan Esquire, May 2015
Kim Tae-hwan Esquire, MAY 2015 2

HEICH ES HEICH F/W 2015 at Seoul Fashion Week

HEICH ES HEICH F/W 2015 at Seoul Fashion Week-Kim Tae-hwan

Hwang Se On and Kim Taehwan in Ceci Campus, May 2014 (cr: esteem_model)

Hwang Se On and Kim Taehwan in Ceci Campus, May 2014 (cr: esteem_model)
Hwang Se On and Kim Taehwan in Ceci Campus, May 2014


Hwang Se On and Kim Taehwan in Ceci Campus, May 2014 (cr: esteem_model)

Of course, there are still a lot of photoshoots and runways that Kim Tae-hwan has taken part in, and here is a list of some of the magazine shoots he has done.

Magazine name Year Remarks
《잡지GQ》 2014 One of the first issues
“Bling” 2014 Magazine cover
Vogue girl 2014 Photography character
Lofficiel Hommes 2013 Fashion section
ARENA 2013 Four Hairs
ESQUIRE 2012 Photography character