Here Are the Facts About Kim Sung-soo’s Wife and Wedding!

The First Wedding

On February 8th, 2004, Kim Sung-soo and Kang Ji-hee were married and held a reception at the Intercontinental hotel in Seoul. The reception itself was a modest event, considering the scale of Cool’s popularity at the time. Kim Sung-soo, who at the time still held an important role in Cool, spent a modest amount time entertaining the gathered friends and family.

After the wedding, the two planned to honeymoon somewhere in Indonesia. The trip was going to be short and sweet, as Cool was set to release a special album a week later, as part of a thank-you event for the fans who had helped them reach 400,000 album sales for their album titled 8.

During their marriage, Kim Sung-soo often appeared on TV with Kang Ji-hee, as part of a variety show or something of that kind. The sweet lovebirds showed off their humble and modest lifestyle as a married couple. During their appearances, the two revealed that they fought and bickered a lot over habits that they each had developed while living alone for such a long time, yet they try to understand each other and provide what the other lacked. Kang Ji-hee specifically stated that the habit that annoyed her the most about her husband was that he always paid attention to the latest release of home appliances, and when it came out, their old one must be replaced, no matter the condition it was in.

Kim Sung-soo and Kang Ji-hee welcomed their first and only daughter during the first few years of their marriage. This brought the couple lots of happiness, but also limited Kim Sung-soo’s activities as an entertainer. The issue became moot when Cool decided to disband in 2005. Sadly, this was only the beginning of the end.


In September 2010, it was reported that Kim Sung-soo and Kang Ji-hee, who had been married for over 6 years, had gotten a divorce. It was stated that the separation was due to financial difficulties faced by Kim Sung-soo after the group disbanded, and he could no longer secure a steady income. Only a month after the divorce, shocking news hit the media outlets.

An Unfortunate Event

On a night out with acquaintances, Kang Ji-hee and her friends were stabbed to death by a male patron of the same bar. The intoxicated man and Kang Ji-hee’s group of his friends were at the same bar, enjoying a night out, when suddenly the man thought the group had asked him for a wet towel, rudely. In his stupor, he got irrationally angry and started stabbing members of Kang Ji-hee’s group. The man promptly run away after the incident, out of the bar.

Kang Ji-hee was upset, and she yelled for other patrons to catch the criminal, and ran to catch him herself. The drunk man was angry at being called criminal, and went back in the bar, to stab her to death. The homicide shook the nation on the night of October 18th, 2010.

Following the incident, there were false reports of fellow Cool member, Yuri, being found dead at the scene, instead of Kang Ji-hee. The reports were because the women somewhat resembled each other, and the authorities were having a hard time identifying the body. The funeral followed soon after, with Kim Sung-soo listed as the chief mourner at the ceremony.

His Second Wife

Three years after the incident, news reports broke out that Kim Sung-soo had married a second time, to a Ms. A, an unnamed woman whom he had been seeing. The two registered their marriage in 2013, but never officially held a wedding ceremony, and decided to live together with Kim Sung-soo’s daughter, Kim Hye-bin. The two split after only a few years of marriage, again citing financial problems, as Kim Sung-soo had neglected to give an allowance to his wife, and she struggled to finance her lifestyle.

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