Here Are the Facts About Kim Sung-soo’s Wife and Wedding!

Kim Sung-soo’s Love Journey

For those who have been into K-Pop from its beginnings in the 1990s, Cool‘s Kim Sung-soo will be a familiar name. As part of the three-member group, Kim Sung-soo’s life has always been in the spotlight, none of it redacted, including the ins and outs of his love life. He hasn’t been one of those celebrities who’s always with a different partner, there’s only ever been one woman in his life. The love story between Kim Sung-soo and her was definitely a roller coaster, and unfortunately it didn’t end well for them.

Throughout his 14-year career, the ups and downs of Kim Sung-soo’s love life have decorated numerous articles. From his wedding to his divorce, let’s take a deeper look at Kim Sung-soo’s life partner, and more!

Career with Cool

Debuting in 1994, the originally four-membered Korean Pop group, Cool, was composed of Kim Sung-soo, Lee Jae-hoon, Yu Chae-young and Choi Jun-myung. They released the album Why You Wanted to Be that same year, as part of their debut. Sadly, it did not garner them the fame they expected, and two of their members left the group. The remaining members, Kim Sung-soo and Lee Jae-hoon, then added a new member, Yuri, to  fill in the female vocals needed in their arrangements.

The trio went on to release hits such as Sorrow, Aroha and All for You, which are still karaoke hits, to this day. By 2005 they announced they were disbanding, following the nuptials of Kim Sung-soo and various other reasons. The news shocked fans and the public alike, but by 2008 they decided to promote together again. They released songs here and there, but their main focus was appearing on variety shows such as Hidden Singer and Infinity Challenge. The group has played a central role in the Korean music industry, inspiring others, which is why they are called to appear on to shows that are doing a reunion or throwback episode.

By 2016, Cool released their last single to date, Goodbye, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their debut. This marks the last we’ve seen the group, but there will always be hope that one day they will reunite again.

Love and Trials

His Journey with Kang Ji-hee

Kim Sung-soo’s role as one of the founding members of the group definitely played a role in his popularity with fans and the Korean public in general. News outlets were always curious as to how his personal life was, and who he was currently dating. Their thirst for news was satisfied in 2003, when news broke about he and his girlfriend being spotted on a date around the Apgujeong area, and the public went into a frenzy.

The group released a statement, saying that Kim Sung-soo was currently having a relationship with a woman named Kang Ji-hee. The then 28-year-old woman was introduced to him by his fellow group member, Yuri, while they were recording in the studio. The two promptly hit it off, and went on a couple of dates in and around the Apgujeong area of Seoul. After two years of dating, the two announced their marriage would be on the 8th of February the following year.