Profile of Korean News Anchor Kim Sung-kyung

kim sungkyung

Kim Sung-kyung, the Korean Anchor and Actress

Having debuted as a news presenter for SBS in 1993, Kim Sung-kyung is mostly known for her dual job as both anchor and actress as she ventured into the field of acting in 2014, following in the steps of her older sister Kim Sung-ryung. Though starting out in supporting roles, her acting skills are still considered as passable to watch by the viewers. On the other hand, her emceeing skill are already first-rate, as she has become the host on many talk shows and news show. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kim Sung-kyung including her full profile; the list of her television dramas, movies, and tv shows; and her Instagram feed. So, keep reading!

Full Profile of Kim Sung-kyung

kim sungkyung

Real Name: Kim Sung Kyung

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 15 February 1972

Age: 47 (Korean age) / 46 (International age)

Occupation: TV Anchor and Actress

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Astrology: Rat

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 173 cm

Education: Hongik University, with a major in Education (Bachelor degree) and Yonsei University, with a major in Journalism and Mass Communication (Master degree)

Spouse: Choi Yeon-taek (married 1996 – 2000)

Children: 1 (a son named Choi Seong-min)

Sibling: 1 (an older sister actress Kim Sung-ryung)

Instagram: @skkim72

List of Kim Sung-kyung’s Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

kim sungkyung

As is known by the public, Kim Sung-kyung is recognized as the news anchor on SBS, such as Eight O’Clock News, News Parade, E! News Korea, and Economy & Life. However, in 2014, she made a surprising venture by acting for real, not as a mere guest role, on a drama on the same broadcast station, Cheongdam-dong Scandal, as a doctor. One year later, Kim Sung-kyung was cast as the main character of City of the Sun, showing that she is a lead-worthy actress. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of television series, films, and TV shows that Kim Sung-kyung has starred in and appeared on.

2001-2002 – SBS Eight O’Clock News (as Weekend Anchor)

2002 – SBS News Parade

2003 – The First Amendment of Korea (as Anchor)

2003 – CBS Radio The Pursuit of Happiness with Go Do-won and Kim Sung-kyung (as DJ)

2004 – MBN Live Today with Kim Sung-kyung (as Host )

2005 – The Twins (as MBN Anchor)

2007-2008 – Science TV Lively Well-being Tech (as Host)

2008-2010 – SBS funE E! News Korea (as Host)

2009 – SBS Economy & Life (as Host)

2009 – tvN Brunch (as Host)

2011 – tvN Couples Counseling: Doctor K (as Host)

2011 – KBS2  Two Men’s Questionable Adult Show (as Fixed Guest)

2011-2014 – MBC Good Day (as Host)

2011 – Channel A Friendly Doctors (as Host)

2012 – SBS Let’s Go, World Cup!

2013 – Top Star (Guest Appearance as News Anchor 1)

2013-present – MBC TV Art Stage (as Host)

2013-present – TV Chosun Powerful Opponents

2013-present – Channel A Single Lady

2014 – SBS Cheongdam-dong Scandal (Supporting Role as Dr. Yoon)

2014 – MBC Middle School Unified History Quiz Show: History and War (as Host)

2015-present – TV Chosun 100 Years

2015 – MBC Dramanet City of the Sun (Main Role as Yoon Sun-hee)

2016 – SBS Wanted (Guest Appearance as Kiss & Talk on episode 1 and 2)

2017 – Oh! My God Returns (Main Role as Ji-won)

2017-2018 – SBS Bravo My Life (Guest Appearance)