Kim Sung-joo: Profile, UNIQ, Drama, Etc.

Kim Sung-joo’s Performances on Stage


Kim Sung-joo has spent years being a trainee, no wonder he’s so skillful after he debuted as a UNIQ member. Yep, we talked about the debut day of UNIQ, but time goes by really fast, and now UNIQ have passed their 6th anniversary. Welp, their debut day was really long ago, come to think of it. There must be a lot of things that changed in UNIQ.

But one thing we know for sure, Kim Sung-joo and other UNIQ members are improving their ability in dancing and singing every year. They also performed in Korea and China, of course, their experiences are really rich. They must be used to the audiences from Korea and China too.

So, let’s check out the performances of UNIQ in some music shows, both in China and Korea!

To get a better focus on Kim Sung-joo, we have provided some videos that only focus on Kim Sung-joo for you. Now, we can clearly see his dance moves and his performance in general!

What do you think about Kim Sung-jo’s fancam and UNIQ’s video performances? Well, no wonder they are a group of K-pop and C-pop. Now we know why fans in Korea and China love them so much. They are really cool!

Kim Sung-joo: UNIQ Status


UNIQ may have debuted in 2014, but they haven’t made a comeback with a new song for years. That could be because of the issue between China and Korea that caused some Chinese K-pop idols to be banned from promoting in Korea. This happened to some Chinese K-pop idols such as WJSN’s Chengxiao, Lay from EXO, Kyulkyung (Pinky), etc.


However, even though UNIQ have been inactive for years, the members are all still actively engaged in individual projects. The three Chinese members became actors in China. Li Wenhan also debuted with a group called UNINE. The same goes for Cho Seungyoun who debuted in X1 and had a solo debut in 2020.


Kim Sung-joo, on the other hand, is actively having individual projects too. You can find out Kim Sung-joo’s activity in the sections below!

Kim Sung-joo’s Drama

kim sung joo

While doing individual works, Kim Sung-joo starred in some K-dramas. You probably have watched him before but didn’t realize that it was him. Let’s see some dramas from Kim Sung-joo!

Kim Sung-joo in The Liar and His Lover

the liar and his lover

This marks the Korean drama debut of Kim Sung-joo. It’s a drama that aired in 2017 starring Lee Hyun-woo and Joy from Red Velvet. The story tells about a boy who hides his identity, and meets a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. They start to develop a romantic relationship after that.

Kim Sung-joo portrayed Yoon Shi-yoon, the leader and vocalist of a rock band. There’s an interview from Arirang where Kim Sung-joo promoted his drama The Liar and His Lover. Fans and people around him even commented that Kim Sung-joo’s role was really like him. He’s also a leader in real life, and pretty much did the same things in the drama.

You can check out the drama to find out more about Kim Sung-joo’s acting!

Kim Sung-joo in Live Up to Your Name

live up to your name sung joo drama

This drama tells a story about a physician from the Joseon era who traveled to the present time in Seoul. He gets involved with a modern doctor and struggles from having a culture shock in the modern era.

Kim Sung-joo portrayed Kim Min-jae, one of the people from the modern time. Let’s check out some clips from the drama!

You can watch the whole drama if you’re interested in Kim Sung-joo’s acting!

Kim Sung-joo’s OST

kim sung joo

Besides starring in some dramas, Kim Sung-joo has also sung a soundtrack for a drama. Not only in Korea, but also in China! Let’s check out some OSTs from Kim Sung-joo!

Kim Sung-joo sang the OST titled “Hold You” along with Yixuan. He sang the song for a drama titled No Secret. It’s a remake drama or the Chinese version of a K-drama titled I Hear Your Voice.

Kim Sung-joo also sang the soundtrack for a drama titled You Drive Me Crazy. This is a drama where Sung-joo is also part of the cast. He portrayed an indie musician. Let’s listen to the song!

This OST is from The Liar and His Lover. As you may have known, Kim Sung-joo portrayed the vocalist of the band, Crude Play. Well, this may be the song from Crude Play, but Kim Sung-joo himself sang this song! Let’s check out the song below!

What do you think about Kim Sung-joo’s OSTs? His voice is really sooting, right?

Kim Sung-joo’s Military Enlistment

kim sung joo

As you read this article, you might be wondering why hasn’t Kim Sung-joo done another project recently? Well, it’s because he announced that he would enlist in the military in March 2020. It was quite surprising, but then again, he just tries to be a good citizen to serve his country. We can’t help but support him.

kim sung joo uniq

Kim Sung-joo posted a message on his Instagram account. He greeted his fans, UNICORN, the fandom of UNIQ. He said that his members are all doing individual projects, and he feels grateful to the fans who keep supporting them. Kim Sung-joo also asked the fans to always be well, happy, and healthy.

Kim Sung-joo also promised that when he returns, he will come back even manlier.

What do you think about this? Let’s just hope that when Kim Sung-joo comes back, UNIQ will also have a comeback!


Well, it’s a wrap for Kim Sung-joo’s article. He is really a sweet guy, right? No wonder he was chosen as the leader of his team. He is really considerate and caring. Kim Sung-joo also has a great voice and can act well, too. Even though Kim Sung-joo is in the military now, let’s hope that when he gets back, he will act in more dramas and sing more OSTs! Who’s excited about his return? Kindly share your love and support for Kim Sung-joo in the comment section below!