Here Are Detail of INFINITE’s Kim Sung-gyu’s Military Enlistment

They revealed the news through a teaser photo on their group’s Twitter account for the song “Clock,” on February 13th at 3 p.m. KST. Here is a photo below:

The members describe their new song “Clock,” they explain that the song contains a meaning: “Let’s spend forever together with all of you,” and the song seems to be both a love song as well as a message to their fans Inspirit.

“Clock” will include only 5 members, while Sunggyu, their leader is still in the military service. Infinite’s recent comeback was in January 2018 with a full album titled Top Speed and a title track “Tell Me.” Here are the teasers for “Clock” for you guys:

Clock Teaser (Short Version)

Clock Teaser (Longer Version)

Finally on February 13th, Infinite released the official music video for “Clock.” Here is the MV:

Latest News of Sunggyu

kim sunggyu military enlistment

Enlisted Idol Including Sunggyu Will Release a Song

kim sunggyu military enlistment

On July 25th, SpoTV reported that several Korean stars teamed up to record an army song while they are carrying out their mandatory military service.

The line-up of idols and actors that take part in the song is made of Infinite’s Sunggyu, SHINee’s Onew and Key, BTOB’s Changsub, EXO’s Xiumin, EX Wannaone Yoon Jisung, 2AM’s Jokwon, actor Kim Min Suk, and Lee Jae Kyoon.

A sourced told SpoTV that rather than the stiff and masculine typical army songs that people usually know, this song is different and that it will be easy to sing along and also promotes the image of “Friendly Military.” The source stated, “I’ve heard that the recording went well because celebrity military officers with excellent skills took part in it.”