Here Are Detail of INFINITE’s Kim Sung-gyu’s Military Enlistment

Sunggyu Involved in a Car Accident?!

kim sunggyu military enlistment

On March 26th, 2019, Sunggyu and the other cast members of Shinheung Military Academy were involved in a minor car accident. The bus that the actors were inside was in a minor collision while heading to the venue.

Occupants were taken to be examined for any injuries, while the performance on that day was canceled. A representative from ShowNote says, “Thankfully, the actors’ injuries were minor. Nevertheless, we are checking their state at the hospital.”

kim sunggyu car accident

The main cast members of Shinheung Military Academy who were scheduled to perform on May 26th were Sunggyu, Go Eun Sung, and Kang Ha Neul, Hong Seo Young, and Lim Chan Min. As it was a case with many theater performances in Korea, the starring roles are double-cast. While the other cast Ji Chang Wook, Jo Kwon, and Onew were not scheduled for the performance that day.

Sunggyu’s agency Woolim Entertainment issued their statement, “We have received the information about the accident from the army and the production company. We confirm that there is nothing wrong with Sunggyu’s health.” Such a relief, right Inspirit?

Discharge Date of Sunggyu’s Military Service

kim sunggyu discharge date

Many of you guys, especially Infinite stans, were curious when will the leader, Kim Sunggyu finally be discharged from the military duty. Here is the information that Channel-Korea has gathered for you guys~!

Info from Inspirit (Infinite’s fandom) on Twitter leaked when will Sunggyu finished from his duty in the military. It was said that Sunggyu was confirmed that he will be discharged from the military on January 8th, 2020.

The original date for Sunggyu is in February 2020, but since there is a new implementation with enlistment and discharge now, the date was being moved to be sooner. So are you guys ready for Sunggyu’s comeback next year?

INFINITE’s Activity During Sunggyu’s Enlistment

infinite news 2019

Infinite announced their first comeback without the leader Sunggyu back on January 30th, 2019, with a new single titled “Clock.”