Before and After Comparison of Kim Sun-ah’s Plastic Surgery

Know the Truth About Korean Actress Kim Sun-ah’s Plastic Surgery

In South Korea, undergoing plastic surgery is a common practice for both women and men. They have plastic surgery to improve their appearances, and it is also commonly done by artists in the South Korean entertainment world.

This fad includes the beautiful actress who made her debut in 1996, Kim Sun-ah. She is a known actress who went under the knife to look more beautiful. However, in July 2014, she reported that a hospital was using her photo illegally to promote plastic surgery at their establishment. She sued the hospital and received compensation of 25 million from the hospital.

Let’s see the changes to Kim Sun-ah’s face after plastic surgery!

Before and After Plastic Surgery

Many netizens have talked about Kim Sun-ah’s face from her debut to her current position as an actress. They found scattered photos of her before she received plastic surgery, and they compared these images to more recent ones.

There are some very striking differences in Kim Sun-ah’s face after plastic surgery. It is obvious she had plastic surgery on her eyelids, nose, and jaw. Although there is a lot of debate about the changes to her beautiful face, Kim Sun-ah hasn’t given a statement to confirm her plastic surgeries.

Now, let’s compare Kim Sun-ah’s face from before and after plastic surgery!

Kim Sun-ah’s Plastic Surgery on Her Nose

Not everyone is born with a perfect nose shape so some decide to change their nose to look more perfect and attractive. It is believed Kim Sun-ah did the same. Her nose now looks slimmer with more definition at the tip. Such a nose improvement seems to be impossible with just makeup so it is likely the results of a nose job.

Kim Sun-ah’s Plastic Surgery on Her Jaw and Eyelids

Previously, Kim Sun-ah’s jaw shape looked small and too sharp, and her face looked very thin with that shape. After debuting as an actress, the actress’s jaw changed to be slightly larger and more oval in shape. Many netizens assume that she had plastic surgery on her jaw.

In addition, she was also rumored to have undergone plastic surgery on her eyelids. Seeing the shape of her eyes now, her eyes look better and rather large compared to before.

Kim Sun-ah and Liposuction

Having an ideal body shape is a dream of many women in the world. Many try various avenues to get an ideal body shape, including dieting and liposuction. Kim Sun-ah is rumored to have had liposuction to get her perfect body.

Sun-ah used to have a slightly fatter body that voluptuous assets. And, though she was chubbier, many people said that she looked beautiful and very cute. But, after that, she then appeared in front of the camera with a very dramatic body transformation. She looked slimmer seemed to have lost a lot of weight. The drastic difference led to the speculation of liposuction. The actress denied those rumors and said she lost the weight naturally.

Well, what do you think? Do you think it’s true that Kim Sun-ah had plastic surgery done to her face?