The Secret Behind Kim Sun-ah’s Weight Loss and Diet Tips

The Queen of Weight Loss, Kim Sun-ah

Beautiful, skinny, tall, and talented even in her 40s, who wouldn’t be jealous ? This all-in-one package woman is Kim Sun-ah, a 45-year-old South Korean actress, who is widely known by her role in the drama titled My Lovely Sam-soon in 2005, starring as Kim Sam-soon.

Kim Sun-ah’s skill as an actor is beyond doubt. She’s been receiving awards and nominations since 2002. Because of her dedication to her work, she made changes to her appearance suit her roles, as well such as changing how her body looks. In her role as Kim Sam-soon, she acted as a baker woman who was searching for her true love. She was asked to be curvy and chubby. She did it well, increasing weight up to 70 kg.

When she took a role in the drama titled City Hall, people were surprised, because she’d dropped all the weight she put on for My Lovely Sam-soon. The weight loss become more extreme when she appeared in the successful JTBC drama, Scent of A Woman. She said that the director asked her to pkay a dying woman, and she should become super-thin. The director was apologetic about the necessity to do it, but he hoped that she focused more on her role rather her outer appearance. And once more, she proved her professionalism by doing what the director asked her to.

The Secret Behind The Extreme Weight Loss

When Kim Sun-ah became a guest on JBTC’s talk show Let’s Eat Dinner, she revealed everything she had to do to make her body to suit the role of the dying woman, Lee Yeon-jae.

She said, “…For four months, I ate rice once a day and slept for about two hours a day. It was really difficult, but I wanted to devote myself to the role. It was very painful and intolerable.” 

She added. “To be honest, a lot of people ask me about my diet, but I truthfully do not want to tell them. More than anything, I am afraid of people of following me because the diet is not a healthy one.”

After hearing what she said, it was obvious that her diet wasn’t healthy to give a high result in a short time. She definitely did not want people to follow her, because it was dangerous for her health. Only eating rice once a day wouldn’t give all the nutrients your body needs. Having a balanced diet and doing routine exercise is the best thing to do to control your weight.

For people who are concerned about her healthiness, she wanted to end the suffering as soon as she done with this project. She said, “I really enjoy exercising, but given the conditions, I couldn’t do it often. After I’m done with this project, I plan on using that chance to train my body again. My mental health is still good.”