The Fascinating Facts Behind Kim Soo-hyun’s Kiss Scene With IU and Sulli

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The Facts Behind Kim Soo-hyun’s Kiss Scene with IU

Kim Soo-hyun met IU in the drama The ProducersIn that drama, Kim Soo-hyun played the role of an innocent producer named Baek Seung-chan. Meanwhile, IU played the role of Cindy, an arrogant singer. The couple was called the Umbrella Couple because of their romantic scene under an umbrella.

Because the characters often spent time together, some love sparks appeared. In the end, Baek Seung-chan and Cindy had a kiss scene! You can see the video of their kiss below.

Continuing their love as the Umbrella Couple, IU watched a movie and cuddled with Kim Soo-hyun! Well, this does not happen in The Producers, but this happens in IU’s music video for “Ending Scene.” You will see another romantic scene between IU and Kim Soo-hyun in that music video, even a kissing scene!

sohyun-iu kiss scene

Also, in the “Ending Scene” music video, there is one scene where IU wrote a love letter for Kim Soo-hyun, and she looks happy. However, Kim Soo-hyun looks shocked and smiles shyly in front of IU. Apparently, behind the scenes, Kim Soo-hyun looked really shocked when IU began reading the letter.

As it turned out in the behind-the-scenes clip, the letter which IU read in the video really contained love for Kim Soo-hyun. IU stated in her letter that Kim Soo-hyun was cute, handsome, gentle, kind, and a perfect lover.

If you haven’t watched the music video, watch it below!