Check Out Kim Soo-hyun’s Cameo in ‘Hotel Del Luna’ and the Possibility of Season 2

Kim Soo-hyun’s Cameo Appearance in Hotel del Luna and Season 2

Hotel del Luna is a drama that is quite popular in 2019. This drama has a fairly high rating and gets a lot of praise from the audience because the story is very interesting and the players are very supportive and full of surprises. Hotel de Luna is starring Lee Ji-eun and Yeo Jin-goo as the owner and manager, respectively, of the eponymous hotel that caters only to ghosts. Written by the Hong sisters, Hotel de Luna is the eighth highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history.

Many cameos consist of famous actors whose appearance has greatly surprised the audience, one of whom was Kim Sooh-hyun who appeared as a cameo in the last episode of the drama Hotel del Luna. Want to know more? Check this out!

Kim Soo-hyun’s Special Appearance in Hotel Del Luna

Kim Soo-hyun’s appearance in Hotel del Luna surprised the audience, even his appearance was unpredictable. Even though Kim Soo-hyun only appeared in the last episode, his appearance became a question mark and the ending of a very suspicious drama. In the last episode of the drama, a character named Mago said that he already had the right person to be the owner of the hotel he had built, “I have brought a very surprising new owner to the Moon Inn. Because the story of lodging the moon must continue,” said Mago in his dialogue with the other Mago.

Then, Kim Soo-hyun appeared proudly. Kim Soo-hyun became the new owner of the Hotel del Luna and changed the name of his hotel to the Blue Moon Hotel. Kim Soo-hyun, who was wearing a suit, was seen walking down the hotel lobby with the servants looking down to greet the guest. While at the top of the stairs, Kim Soo-hyun who holds a glass of alcohol then asks the servants at the Blue Moon hotel to open their hotel for guests.

The short cameo appearance had people buzzing and wondering if tvN had plans for a second season starring Kim Soo Hyun in the works. To this, a source from tvN said, “We haven’t discussed anything about a second season yet,” and continued, “It’s difficult for us to give an answer on whether there will be a second season or not because the staff hasn’t yet discussed the possibility of a second season.” They concluded with, “We believe this is an expression of our viewers’ love and support for the drama so we are grateful for it.”

Kim Soo-hyun with IU and Yeo Jin-goo

Kim Soo-hyun’s appearance in Hotel del Luna became a reunion for himself and IU after previously, working together in the Dream High drama which was also quite a popular drama at the time. Both have also starred in a television series titled The Producers.

In addition, Kim Soo-hyun has shown his loyalty to the Hotel del Luna co-stars in the best way possible. First, he sent a coffee truck to the set of the drama, and even personally visited IU and Yeo Jin-goo. Reporting from Koreaboo, it has also just been revealed that Kim Soo-hyun will be making a cameo in the Del Luna Hotel‘s final episode, and while his role is being kept a secret, it’s going to be an important one.

“Kim Soo Hyun will be making a special appearance. We have already begun filming. Please tune in to the broadcast to find out the role he will play in the drama,” by Hotel del Luna. He is so cool, right? Did you miss, IU and Kim Soo-hyun’s interaction?

Is There Gonna Be a Season 2 of Hotel Del Luna?

Since the appearance of Kim Soo-hyun in the last episode of Hotel del Luna, it has been a very mysterious ending and full of question marks for the audience. In the final episode of Hotel del Luna, Kim Soo-hyun became the new owner of Hotel del Luna and changed its name to Blue Moon Hotel.

Many viewers wondered if Kim Soo-hyun would be the main actor in Hotel del Luna season 2 because he became the new owner of the hotel. The authors of the drama series Hotel del Luna, Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran, said it did not rule out the possibility of making a continuation of the drama Hotel del Luna. This was conveyed addressing the emergence of Kim Soo-hyun as a cameo in the last episode.

“Because the owner of Hotel del Luna has been a woman, we thought it would be nice if now it turned into a man,” said Hong Mi-ran. If that happens, the audience will surely be happy and impatient with Kim Soo-hyun’s appearance as the new owner of the ghost hotel.

Well, what do you think about the drama? So excited and looking forward to the prospect of Season 2 of Hotel del Luna, right?