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The Man Who Came From the Star, Kim Soo-hyun

For all Korean dramas lovers, Kim Soo-hyun name is no longer unknown. Starting his career from a young age (19 years old), Kim Soo-hyun is now known as one of the most popular and most wanted actors in the industry. He is also known as one of the most expensive actors in South Korea. As the main actor for the popular drama, Dream High, his popularity rises along with Suzy from Miss A who co-starred along with him. Not only Dream High, Kim Soo-hyun also acted in Man who Came From the Star which received the most viewers and highest rating while he played the main character along with actress Jun Ji Hyun. For you those of you who want to know more about actor Kim Soo-hyun, keep scrolling below!

Full Profile of Actor Kim Soo-hyun

Full Name : Kim Soo-hyun

Birth Date : February 16, 1988

Age : 30 years old

Zodiac Sign : Aquarius

Blood Type: AB

Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea

Year Active : 2007 – now

Agency : Key East Entertainment

Latest Education : Chung Ang University, majored in Film and Theatre

Other Education : Dankook Middle Junior High School and Dankook Senior High School

Instagram Account : @soohyun_k216

Official Website :

20+ Facts about Actor Kim Soo-hyun

1. Kim Soo-hyun has a half-sister who participated in Produce 101. Her name is Kim Ju Na.

2. Orange Caramel is Kim Soo-hyun’s favorite girl group.

3. Kim Soo-hyun used to be a model for his friend’s online shopping site that sold underwear before he debuted as an actor.

4. Kim Soo-hyun’s mother is the one who persuaded him to join an acting class when he was still in high school because he used to be a very introverted person.

5. Kim Soo-hyun once said that if he could have a super power, he wanted to be able to teleport (maybe he was inspired by his role in Man who Came from the Star).

6. When he was still in high school, Kim Soo-hyun once set fire to his high school’s flower bed.

7. Kim Soo-hyun debuted in TV through a family sitcom Kimchi Cheese Smile in 2007 as a supporting actor.

8. Kim Soo-hyun has a cute habit, he always cover his mouth whenever he laughs.

9. At the time it was being produced, Kim Soo-hyun was supposed to star in Boys Over Flowers.

10. Kim Soo-hyun’s favorite exercise is riding the bicycle.

11. Kim Soo-hyun can play guitar.

12. Kim Soo-hyun’s favorite computer game is Street Fighter 4.

13. His favorite color is black.

14. Kim Soo-hyun likes the action movie genre.

15. Kim Soo-hyun had heart surgery on his supra-ventricular tachycardia three years after he debuted (2010).

16. In October 2016, Kim Soo-hyun surprised his fans by applying to be a professional bowler.

17. Kim Soo-hyun was appointed as the Promotional Ambassador for Korean tourism by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in 2012.

18. Not only just a Tourism Ambassador, Kim Soo-hyun was also appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of Seoul.

19. Kim Soo-hyun became the honorary ambassador for the Incheon International Airport in 2015.

20. Together with Kara’s Han Seung Yeon, Kim Soo-hyun hosted MNet’s Boys & Girls Music Countdown in 2009.

21. Kim Soo-hyun is someone who is shy when he first meets people, but after getting to know them better, Kim Soo-hyun will show his funny and frivolous personality.

22. Kim Soo-hyun is a big fan of British actress Kaya Scodelario. He also said that Kaya is his ideal type.

23. After playing the main role in Man who Came from the Star, Kim Soo-hyun said that he wished the drama had a sad ending instead of happy ending.

24. Kim Soo-hyun is left-handed, but in dramas, he usually acts as if he was right-handed.

25. When Kim Soo-hyun was still in high school, he took part in several musical plays, such as Grease and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

26. Kim Soo-hyun is known to have three sport cars.

27. Kim Soo-hyun himself admitted that he has a stubborn personality.

28. Kim Soo-hyun’s favorite scene in Man who Came from the Star is the frozen time kiss scene because he thinks that although it was taken during cold weather but it shows a warm feeling and emotion.

Actor Kim Soo-hyun’s Height and Weight

Kim Soo-hyun has always been the ideal type of girls even female idols. Kim Soo-hyun looks very manly in all kinds of clothes, but he looks best in suits as it shows how proportional his body is. He also looks good standing beside girls since he is very tall. Here is the detail of Kim Soo-hyun’s height and weight.

Height 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)