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Did Actor Kim Soo-hyun Have Plastic Surgery Before ?

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Due to their near perfect looks, many Korean idols are rumored to have done plastic surgery before. The same occurrence came to Kim Soo-hyun as he has an extremely good looking face. But the rumor was clarified by Kim Soo-hyun himself. Some online media groups in China spread the plastic surgery rumor and even asked Kim Soo-hyun directly, “Korean idols often get plastic surgery. Did you also have it?” Kim Soo-hyun answered the sensitive question, saying “Not all idols have done plastic surgery. I am still young so I don’t need it”.

Kim Soo-hyun Latest News: Military Service


Reaching the age to be recruited, Kim Soo-hyun decided to service his country. After filming in the movie Real, actor Kim Soo-hyun then started his military service on October 23, 2017. He served in the Recruit Training Squadron in Gyeonggi Province. Due to his heart health condition, Kim Soo-hyun was previously assigned to nonactive service as a public service worker. But he then chose to improve his health so that he would be able to serve for active duty.

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Seeing actor Kim Soo-hyun in his uniform, many said that it was as if he was filming a drama. He also received vacations as a reward since he ranked fourth during his training program. Many fans are proud of his eagerness and are waiting patiently for his discharge on July 22, 2019.

Kim Soo-hyun’s Complete Drama List

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Many of you might miss Kim Soo-hyun while waiting for his discharge, so here is the complete list of Kim Soo-hyun’s dramas that you can watch if you miss seeing him in action.

No. Drama Title Year Role Network
1. Kimchi Cheese Smile 2007 Kim Soo-hyun MBC
2. Jungle Fish 2008 Han Jae Ta KBS
3. Seven Years of Love 2009 Chun Jae OBS
4. Will It Snow for Christmas 2009 teen Cha Kang Jin SBS
5. Father’s House 2009 Kang Jae Il SBS
6. Giant 2010 teen Lee Sung Mo SBS
7. Dream High 2011 Song Sam Dong KBS
8. Moon Embracing the Sun 2012 King Lee Hwon MBC
9. Dream High 2 (as cameo in ep. 1) 2012 Song Sam Dong KBS
10. My Love from the Star 2013 – 2014 Do Min Joon SBS
11. The Producers 2015 Baek Seung Chan KBS

Kim Soo-hyun’s Complete Movie List

kim soo hyun

Not only active in dramas, actor Kim Soo-hyun also starred in several movies, let’s check it out below!

No. Movie Title Year Role
1. Cherry Blossom 2008 Han Hyun Joon
2. Worst Friends 2009 Kim Joon Ki
3. The Thieves 2012 Zampano
4. Secretly, Greatly 2013 Won Ryu Hwan / Bang Dong Gu
5. Miss Grany 2014 young Mr. Park (cameo)
6. Real 2017 Jang Tae Young