Get Closer to Kim Soo-hyun: Profile, Facts, Girlfriend, Wife, Movies, Drama List, ETC

Actor Kim Soo-hyun Looks Younger than His Actual Age

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Who would ever think that actor Kim Soo-hyun is now a 30 year old man when they first see him? People would probably believe that he is currently in his 20s because of his fresh looks. Kim Soo-hyun’s small and young face succeed in bringing him to the top of his popularity when he acted in 2011’s most popular drama “Dream High” as Song Sam Dong together with Suzy. He played the main role, one of the Kirin High School students who is developing his music skills. Kim Soo-hyun was 23 years old back then but acted as a high school student who is supposed to be 17-18 years old.

Actor Kim Soo-hyun’s Sister and His Family Members

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Actor Kim Soo-hyun was known as the only child in his family who lived with his mother. Kim Soo-hyun has a complicated family background. He was raised and grew up with only his mother. Kim Soo-hyun’s father, Chung Hoon, was the lead singer of an 80’s band Seven Dolphins. His father left when Kim Soo-hyun was still very young. Kim Soo-hyun also has a cousin who is a film director, Lee Sa Rang. His cousin even directed one of Kim Soo-hyun’s film Real in 2017.

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Media and fans were surprised by some news revealed on July 22, 2015, saying that actor Kim Soo-hyun has a half-sister named Kim Joo Na who was about to debut as a singer. Kim Joo Na made her debut as a singer through the High Society drama OST track “I Can’t Live Without You”. Actor Kim Soo-hyun through his agency, The KeyEast, explained that he himself was shocked but he still wished for the best for his half-sister.

Actor Kim Soo-hyun Net Worth

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As one of the most successful actors in South Korea, no one would have thought that Kim Soo-hyun didn’t live a good life during his childhood. Being raised only by his mother, Kim Soo-hyun strives hard to be one of the best actors. He took acting very seriously and enrolled to Chung Ang to study Film and Theatre. Not only acting in dramas and movies, Kim Soo-hyun is involved in many commercials. Kim Soo-hyun is estimated to worth 1.2 billion dollars for his work.

Actor Kim Soo-hyun’s Ideal Type of Girlfriend


Many would have wished to be actor Kim Soo-hyun’s grilfriend. But do you know what is the criteria Kim Soo-hyun wants his girlfriend to have? He admitted that he likes girl who is pretty and sexy. In term of personality, Kim Soo-hyun himself said that he is someone who is easy to be upset with. That’s why he wanted to have a girlfriend who doesn’t interfere him a lot, who doesn’t preach. He also wished to have a girlfriend who would think of him even when she is with other people.

Is it True that Ahn Soo-hee is Kim Soo-hyun’s Wife ?


As an idol, it is very common for Kim Soo-hyun to be rumored in a relationship. But in February 2017, many fans were shocked as there was news saying that Kim So Hyun will take Ahn So Hee as his wife. Ahn Soo-hee was previously one of Wonder Girls’ members. After the group parted, Ahn Soo-hee tried to find other agency to continue her career. Rumor stated that Kim Soo-hyun is the one who recommend Ahn Soo-hee to joined Key East Entertainment. They also stated that they usually meet up in Ahn Soo-hee’s apartment in Yongsan when they had nothing scheduled for their work.

However, Key East Entertainment then clarified that the rumor was not true. “The reports that the two are getting married are completely false. It is unfortunate to see this false information being published and reported on. We clearly informed the media outlet [that reported the rumor] that the information was not true. We will be taking strong measures, including legal action, against those who are spreading false information despite this. We are currently collecting evidence through various channels.”, they stated.