Kim Soo-hyun’s Net Worth: How Much Does The Highest Paid Korean Actor Earn?

Kim Soo-hyun

Actor Kim Soo-hyun, a Handsome and Rich Man!

If you watched the K-dramas My Love from the Star or The Moon Embracing the Sun, you must be familiar with this actor. Yup, it’s Kim Soo-hyun! Kim Soo-hyun was born in 1988 on February 16th and is one of the most successful and popular actors in South Korea. He has been taking roles in many dramas and became a Hallyu Star. His recent popular drama works are Hotel del Luna, Crash Landing on You (special appearance), and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Besides being an actor and appearing in movies and musicals, he is also a good singer.

As expected from Kim Soo-hyun, he is talented and handsome. For your information, Kim Soo-hyun is also on the list of being one of Korea’s highest paid actors! Are you curious about that? Without further ado, check out the next thread!

Find Out More about Kim Soo-hyun, One of Korea’s Highest Paid Actors of 2020

In 2020, Kim Soo-hyun is the highest-paid Korean actor. He allegedly earned 200 million won ($167,000) per episode of the drama It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

He also appeared in various CFs and endorsements. Despite earning millions of dollars from commercials, Kim Soo-hyun spent a lot of the money in 2015 when he pre-ordered a BMW i8 worth US $186,000.

It’s not a surprise that Kim Soo-hyun is so popular and wealthy. Kim Soo-hyun has received many awards because of his popularity since then, including Best New Actor, Popular Star Award, Excellence Award, Hallyu Star Award, Grand Prize (Daesang), Top 10 Stars, Best Korean Actor, and more! He also did big events and became a public relations ambassador for Seoul Metropolitan City, university, etc.

Kim Soo-hyun’s Net Worth

Kim Soo-hyun’s net worth is estimated to be 1.2 billion dollars. Kim Soo-hyun is said to have received a 600 million won (US $500,000) paycheck by the end of 2012 after he was cast in the drama The Moon Embracing the Sun. In 2014, He reportedly made $550,000 from the drama My Love from the Star, but his fee increased to between $720,000 and $900,000 per advertisement after that. However, after he enlisted in the military, Kim Soo-hyun’s fee increased from US $83,000 to US $165,000.

According to a news outlet, Kim Soo-hyun supposedly signed an advertising contract in China for six months and received about 33 billion won for about sixty events. In 2017, the model’s fee in China is more than 2 billion won in a contract per year. It’s also known that Kim Soo-hyun received over 1 billion won in Japan.

Furthermore, it is assumed that Kim Soo-hyun’s model fees for commercials in which he appears are 100 billion won per year in his 30s. Personal sales, in other words, reach 100 billion won per year. If you are curious about the property of actor Kim Soo-hyun, who has earned 100 billion won in personal sales, you will be curious about the environment of the house he lives in. What neighborhood do you think Kim Soo-hyun lives in?

Hanwha Galleria Foret, a high-end residential-commercial apartment designed by Hanwha E&C in 2011, is the residence of Kim Soo-hyun. Galleria Foret is a residential-commercial apartment in Seoul’s Seongsu-dong neighborhood of Seongdong-gu. It’s a luxurious apartment complex that consists of two 45-story buildings. Between the two buildings, there are 230 units, with the majority of them costing at least $1 million. This apartment complex is ranked second after Hannam the Hill. Besides Kim Soo-hyun, many top actors, actresses, and idols live there, such as BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Han Ye-sul, and SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo-man.

Kim Soo-hyun as a Brand Ambassador

Kim Soo-hyun has appeared in numerous advertisements in addition to his role in dramas and movies. Brands and items he has modeled for include Domino’s Pizza, iPhone 4, SK II, Tous Les Jours, Premium Notebook New Series 9, Calvin Klein Jeans, Pizza Hut, Lotte Duty Free, etc. Kim Soo-hyun appears in about 30 advertisements a year according to his agency KeyEast. Some of his advertisements air in China and other Asian countries.

Check out some of Kim Soo-hyun’s greetings and some behind the scenes of his commercial scenes:


That’s all about Kim Soo-hyun’s net worth! What do you think of his income through dramas, endorsements, and modeling? Not to mention he is a popular actor in Korea and other countries as well. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and share!