Here’s an Update on Kim Soo-hyun’s Military Service

Get to Know Handsome Actor Kim Soo-hyun

Do you know Kim Soo-hyun? This actor was known for his role on the popular drama Dream High (2011), which aired on KBS, in which he played Song Sam-dong. Soo-hyun himself is currently fulfilling his military service duties, but will stage his comeback as an actor soon, following 21 months of enlistment.

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Actor Kim Soo-hyun’s Military Service

Kim Soo-hyun Joined The Military

You might recognize familiar actor Kim Soo-hyun from when he was cast in the drama My Love From the Star (2013) with actress Jun Ji-hyun. Soo-hyun joined the military back on October 24th, 2017. At the time, he didn’t address fans or even the media about when he would be starting his military service. Before long, though, it was discovered that the actor, who is known have a close friendship with Bae Suzy, had begun his military service at the army training center in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.

As reported in The Jakarta Post, Kim Soo-hyun arrived at the army training center in a black van. It’s no surprise given how popular Soo-hyun is that there was a crowd of 40 international fans gathered at the entrance to the facility. They had been waiting for him all morning! KeyEast Entertainment reported that the actor, who starred in drama The Moon That Embrace The Sun (2012) as Lee Hwon, didn’t want to attract attention from the crowd as he began this next important chapter of his life. The strategy of transporting him in a black van to maintain his privacy worked, and Soo-hyun was able to pass by unnoticed and enter the training center without incident. Popular for being the other Hallyu celebrity, Kim Soo-hyun quietly entered the military service after he posted a message through his personal account on Instagram.

“Hello, This is Kim Soo-hyun. I would like to greet you briefly before I enlist. I would like to thank all those who have always supported me. I will be back in good health. I hope everyone will stay healthy.” – @soohyun_k216

The actor who was born in Seoul, February 16th, 1988, himself, wanted to enter the army quietly but eventually the crowd are coming to him after the training camp was revealed a few hours before his enlistment.

Soo-hyun obviously wanted to avoid a crowd on the day of his enlistment, showing he understands the responsibility of military service and that this was not a day for things to be all about him. However it was also clear from his Instagram post that the actor, who was born in Seoul, February 16th, 1988, wanted to show appreciation and support to all of his fans. Hopefully everyone who was waiting there in the crowd to see him on that day got to see some of the photos that Kim Soo-hyun’s agency, KeyEast Entertainment, shared after he attended a training ceremony in the military camp with the other participants.

Kim Soo-hyun’s Health & Condition Before Joined Military Service

Before any of this enlistment excitement happened, though, there had been questions about Kim Soo-hyun’s health and suitability for the military. This is because the actor, who starred in the movie Real (2017), was diagnosed with a heart condition back when he was still a child. This question about his health, and how it could potentially affect his military service, has always been in the back of Soo-hyun’s mind. In 2012, Kim Soo-hyun was to serve as a public service worker after a health examination resulted in him receiving a Grade 4 status from the Korean military.

Then, a few years ago, Kim Soo-hyun’s medical condition became even more complicated. It was discovered that he suffered from a heart condition called supraventricular tachycardia. This disease was causing his heart to beat faster than that of an average person. However, the actor who starred in the movie Secretly, Greatly (2013), worked very hard to improve his health. All his efforts paid off, and he was finally ready to be posted to active duty in military service.

Kim Soo-hyun’s News During Military Service

Once basic training started Kim Soo-hyun, who starred in the drama Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), was seen looking great in newly released military training photos as reported on Soompi. The hallyu actor received basic training army for a 5 weeks at the Forward Recruit Training Squadron in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.

Once basic training was over Soo-hyun, who appeared in the Ending Scene (2017) music video by IU, was assigned to and trained in the first Reconnaissance Battalion. He remained with that group ever since he entered the military service.

Some photos of Kim Soo-hyun have been released on the Internet during his training period at the military camp. These photos were taken from the official account of the Forward Recruit Training Squadron. The actor, who starred in the drama  Will It Snow for Christmas (2009), is looking great in his soldier’s uniform while displaying intense focus on his training.


In some photos he also seemed to have a little smile on his face, as he ended up receiving a reward vacation for being an outstanding trainee during the training course.

What Is Kim Soo-hyun’s Duty On Military Service?

Kim Soo-hyun’s agency, KeyEast Entertainment, has never released any official statement regarding the actor’s daily responsibilities and duties ever since he began his military service. As reported in Koreaboo, however, Kim Soo-hyun’s duties in the army were actually quiet dangerous as he served in the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, which is stationed in the DMZ (demilitarized zone).

Kim Soo-hyun’s training camp is located at the northernmost part of South Korea. This area is known as the DMZ, or demilitarized zone, and it was the border between North and South Korea. It is surrounded by a total of 4 tunnels.

Soo-hyun, who starred in the drama The Producers (2015), is in charge of patrolling in the battalion area. This is essential to monitor whether there is any enemy trying to cross the border. While completing his duties, he also has to avoid active land mines. This is one of the most dangerous duties a soldier can encounter during military service.

Kim Soo-hyun shouldn’t worry too much about his condition right now, because he’s reported to be healthy and doing well during his military service. An official military representative was quoted as saying that not only is Kim Soo-hyun an excellent rifle sharpshooter, but also that he is doing so well during basic training that he earned a reward for his achievement.

Kim Soo-hyun is 10 years older than his fellow soldiers in military camp, but he can easily get along with them. Despite their difference in ages, it’s not hard for Soo-hyun to maintain a good relationship with his friends he’s made in his battalion.

Kim Soo-hyun, who also starred in the musical theatre version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2003), has stated that he chose to deny all the interview requests and media who wanted to come and see him while he was serving in the military camp. He made this decision because he didn’t want to burden his battalion or be thought of as a star during his enlistment.

“I think it will damage my battalion if there are any interviews held here. I don’t wanna feel like a burden or cause any harm to my fellow soldiers during my military service.” 

Kim Soo-hyun.

When Will Kim Soo-hyun Be Discharged From Army?

The actor, who starred in the drama Seven Years of Love (2009), received five weeks of basic training upon his enlistment. After that, he was assigned to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion for 21 months of active duty. When all is said and done, Kim Soo-hyun is scheduled to be discharged from the military on July 22nd, 2019.



Whew! That’s all of the latest news on Kim Soo-hyun’s military service. Let’s start our countdown now, so we know exactly when to expect Kim Soo-hyun’s military service discharge next year. After that, we won’t have to wait long for his comeback in new dramas! It will be great to see him perform once again.