Does Kim Soo-hyun Have a Girlfriend? Find Out More About Dating and Relationship

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Kim Soo-Hyun’s girlfriend and relationship

Kim Soo-Hyun is best known for his role in the SBS drama My Love From The Star (2013). He was an introvert and a shy boy when he was in school, but he showed his great personality as an actor.

Many of his fans have been curious about his love life, including who he has dated in the past and if he has dated any other celebrities. In this article, we will have a detailed look into Kim Soo-Hyun’s girlfriends and dating rumors!

There is no official statement regarding Kim Soo-Hyun having a girlfriend. He appears to be single and focusing on his career as a professional actor. Recently, Kim Soo-Hyun completed his active military duty, which started in October 2017 in a training camp at Gyeonggi Province. He returned to the entertainment industry around July 2019.

Kim Soo-Hyun’s ideal type of girl

Kim Soo-hyun's ideal type of girl

Everyone has their own category and criteria for their future partner, as is the case with Kim Soo-Hyun. Here are the traits of some of his ideal types of girl.

  • Kim Soo-Hyun wants a girl who will always by his side, so he won’t be alone when he is sad.
  • A girl who will always think about him no matter what Kim Soo-Hyun wants as his girlfriend.
  • Kim Soo-Hyun likes someone who will never have any doubt towards him.
  • Kim Soo-Hyun also wants someone who will not interfere with his business and respect his privacy.
  • Kim Soo-Hyun wants someone who will love him no matter what and always by his side because he is starved for love.
  • When Kim Soo-Hyun was asked about his ideal type of girl, he said that he likes Kaya Scodelario, a British actress is his ideal type.

Who is Kim Soo-Hyun’s ex-girlfriend?

On March 4th, 2012, Kim Soo-Hyun appeared on MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Communication while shooting a commercial. In this session, Kim Soo-Hyun was asked to respond to some statements with a yes or no answer.

In one question, Kim Soohyun was given the statement, “I have had more than 10 girlfriends,” to which he answered, “No.” The host of the show, Park Seul-ki, asked Kim Soo-Hyun how many times he dated, and the Dream High actor shyly revealed with a timid expression on his face, “I think it was nine times?”

After he revealed the number of girlfriends, many of his fans left comments saying things like, “I want to be his 10th!” “I wonder who will be his next girlfriend in the future,” and “What do you think of me if I could have a chance to be your girlfriend?”

Besides, some people were wondering if he was currently dating the 9th girlfriend at that time.

As reported by, Kim Soo-Hyun has dated some female celebrities, including members of girl groups!

Kim Soo-Hyun with Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

A rumor claimed that Kim Soo-Hyun dated Girls’ Generation’s Yoona back in 2012 since Kim Soo-Hyun gained his fame from starring in Dream High. It was reported that Kim Soohyun and Yoona had their first meeting in a church, and the two started dating.

There’s nothing to be found when it comes to any proof of their dating in the past. But, according to rumors, they broke up in 2013 because of Kim Soo-Hyun’s personality. Many people assumed that Yoona decided to break up after netizens found a post from his Cyworld around 2008, which made them assume he has a dark and psychotic personality. Here is the translation of Kim Soo-Hyun’s Cyworld post from

“I want you to be sad, want to die and be regretful because of me.
No matter who you look at, you should only think of me.
You should never suspect anything of me.
You can’t concern yourself with my matters because it bothers me.
I’m good at swearing.
You need to always be there for me because I crave attention.
You have to be quick on reading me because I have a hot temper.
I’ll kill you if you try to school me.
Ah…. buy me some medicine. I get sick frequently.
I have an irregular pulse and need surgery for it.

Now, try and love me.
Throw me away if you can’t.
So at least I can cry sorrowfully.”

Neither of their agencies has confirmed the rumored past relationship or the reason for their break-up. Still, some forums have discussed their relationship, stating that they dated each other around 2011/2012.

Kim Soo-Hyun and Yoona haven’t confirmed the dating rumor yet, but the rumor has been spread through the Internet and caught people’s attention, leading to comments on Pann such as:

[+48, -2] I don’t know about Yoona and Kim Soo-Hyun, but I know that Kim Soo-Hyun has psycho personalities. When he had no popularity during his debut days, the pastor in my church knew him, so he told me about it. He was dating someone when he debuted, and she broke up with him. He rebelled and said he was going to kill himself and made all sorts of mess, so the girl had a tough time.

[+27, -0] Yeah, my teacher in my speaking academy has a friend who works in the entertainment industry. He said Kim Soo-Hyun’s personalities are psycho and perverted, so Yoona couldn’t take it anymore and broke up with him.

[+104, -34] It’s real. Kim Soo-Hyun and Yoona dated, but he’s a psycho, so Yoona turned to dislike him, and they broke up.

[+26, -1] I heard about Kim Soo-Hyun and Yoona so many times. Years ago, I saw a picture of a female idol and a male actor with masks at a theater, and they looked like Yoona and Kim Soo-Hyun.

[+56, -1] You can tell that Kim Soo-Hyun is an attention seeker and a psycho from his pre-debut photos. I don’t understand why people praise him so much ㅋㅋ

Allegations of Kim Soo-Hyun’s dark personality when he was in the pre-debut stage are shared on the Internet, but neither his agency nor Kim Soo-Hyun himself has confirmed the claims.

Kim Soo-Hyun with Ahn So-hee

Kim Soo-Hyun is also rumored to have dated Ahn So-hee, a former Wonder Girls member who left the group to pursue a career as an actress.

Kim Soo-Hyun and Ahn So-hee’s dating rumor circulated in October 2015. They were claimed to have been dating for a year, starting when Ahn So-hee left JYP Entertainment and signed a contract under the same label as Kim Soo-Hyun, KeyEast Entertainment 30th, 2017. When Ahn So-hee was thinking a lot about starting her career as an actress and wanted to sign with a new agency, Kim Soo-Hyun recommended his agency.

As reported by Soompi, there was breaking news on October 19th, 2015, about Kim Soo-Hyun’s dating rumor. KeyEast Entertainment had to release an official statement to avoid further fake news from circulating.

A person who lived in the same apartment building as Ahn So-hee gave a statement about Kim Soo-Hyun and Ahn So-hee dating as they were often at Ahn So-hee’s apartment located in Yongsan. They are rumored to have dated for at least a year, and Kim Soo-Hyun often went to her place when he didn’t have work.

KeyEast Entertainment denied the claim of them dating and released an official statement to state that the news was not true.

“We have to confirm the news that Kim Soo-Hyun and Ahn So-hee are not dating each other. They know each other, but their dating rumor is not true.”

Aside from speculations and claims, there are no dating pictures or solid evidence to be found.

Are Kim Soo-Hyun and Ahn So-hee getting married?

As reported by the media outlet Sports Chosun, Kim Soo-Hyun and Ahn So-hee were planning to be married in April 2017, according to a rumor spread by the Chinese media platform Sina. The statement claimed the actress and actor reported their marriage plan after secretly dating for a year. Their dating rumor caught a lot of attention from the public and friends, and there are comments on Sports Chosun via Nate in regards to the dating rumor and wedding plan such as:

[+73, -6] some couples announce their weddings just a few days before… and people always deny it before confirming it later on. But if Kim Soo Hyun and Ahn Sohee really do end up getting married, you really have to give it to Sohee’s crazy luck in life

[+791, -41] Seeing as how these two are always being linked up, I wonder if there really is something going on

[+420, -21] Never believe news made in China~

[+23, -2] So are they dating? Didn’t they get into a scandal before for coming out of the same apartment…

However, when first rumored to be dating, KeyEast Entertainment denied the news, but then the marriage rumor began circulating.

On February 7th, 2017, KeyEast Entertainment made another clarification to deny the fake news and avoid misunderstandings.

“We have found another rumor about Kim Soo-Hyun and Ahn So-hee that they are getting married from a Chinese report. We have officially made a statement before that their dating rumor is not true and the latest report [about their wedding] is not true at all. If we find similar cases about any false information in regards to our actress and actor, we will take legal action to protect their careers.”

At this time, South Korean netizens were also commenting in regards to the news of Kim Soo-Hyun and Ahn So-hee’s marriage plan on Yonhap News via Naver, stating:

[+21, -1] KeyEast Entertainment better gets on it with the legal action…!!

[+30, -5] Kim Soo Hyun’s pissed, he’s going straight into legal action ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+235, -14] They’re collecting evidence ㅋ looks like all the Chinese netizens are going to get sued ㅋ

[+28, -4] They don’t even match; how could they be dating? It makes no sense…

[+141, -20] I guess there really can be smoke without fire; imagine how ridiculous these two must think of these rumors

KeyEast Entertainment’s CEO knew about the dating rumor and expressed how he has been frustrated over the marriage rumor circulating the globe. On February 8th, 2017, he uploaded a post on his personal Instagram account and expressed his opinion on the marriage rumor.

“False news is always popular because the world is now crazy. Don’t be stressed out by stupid people. Otherwise, you will be one of them… Sigh~~.”

In the caption, he wrote, “People who’re being like this. What is it? Anyway, good night, everyone.”

According to the post from the CEO of KeyEast Entertainment and the agency’s previous statements, it was confirmed that Kim Soo-Hyun and Ahn So-hee’s marriage rumor was not true.

Kim Soo-Hyun with After School’s Nana

After School’s Nana was one of the most beautiful faces globally in 2014, and she is also one of the female celebrities involved in a dating rumor with Kim Soo-Hyun.

On April 8th, 2014, After School’s Nana appeared on Mnet’s Beatles Code 3D and revealed the truth about her relationship with Kim Soo-Hyun.

When the host of the show, MC Shin Dong-yup, asked about the rumor that was going around that Nana and Kim Soo-Hyun were dating each other, she responded by answering, “If there is smoke, there has to be fire. I know about the news from the staff, and they heard it was spread up from the reporters.”

Meanwhile, Nana was promoting her subunit Orange Caramel when she appeared on Beatles Code 3D with Lizzy and Raina. They also mentioned that the dating rumor came up after Kim Soo-Hyun picked Orange Caramel as a girl group he liked.

The female celebrity whose real name is Im Jin-ah (Hangul: 임진아) added her clarification by saying that she used to mention Kim Soo-Hyun as her ideal type and said that she was a fan of his even before Kim Soo-Hyun appeared in Dream High in 2011.

Although it was only a rumor, many people expected them to date in real life. But, it seems that Nana clarified the dating rumor that Kim Soo-Hyun didn’t have a relationship with her.

Kim Soo-Hyun with Miss A’s Suzy

Kim Soo-Hyun had his first meeting with Miss A’s Suzy when they both starred in the popular KBS drama Dream High. They were rumored to be dating each other after filming the drama due to their good chemistry. The rumors circulated June 2013, two years after the filming of Dream High ended.

According to Allkpop, Suzy responded to her dating rumor with Kim Soo-Hyun at the wrap-up conference for the MBC drama Gu Family Book in June 2013.

“We’re just close friends to each other, and I’ve never heard about [the dating rumor] since no one around me talked about it. When I was filming the drama Gu Family Book, we talked before the drama filming since he knew about the place where I was filming more than anyone else.”

Suzy also mentioned that she and Kim Soohyun were still keeping in touch and thought that the dating rumor circulated because they worked together closely in Dream High. Meanwhile, Suzy also stated that they are both busy, so it’s been a while since they contacted each other.

At another time, Suzy appeared as a guest on MBC’s Come to Play in April 2012 and talked about the rumor of the love triangle between her, Kim Soo-Hyun, and SHINee’s Minho.

“We are pretty close as friends and contacted each other through text messages, but after the rumor spread and has been mentioned on television, things became a little bit different now. We still contact each other to keep in touch once in a while.”

When the show’s host asked her if she has given her phone number to a male celebrity, Suzy, whose real name is Bae Su-ji (Hangul: 배수지), she immediately answered yes without any hesitation.

“I would feel bad if there’s someone nice who wanted to be friends, but I didn’t give my phone number to them, especially when there’s a male celebrity that I have an interest in.”

Another question was given to Suzy: if any male celebrities actually asked for her number, and the idol-turned-actress just shortly answered with a “Yes” along with a mysterious smile, which left many fans and viewers curious about who.

Kim Soo-Hyun with IU

Kim Soo-hyun with IU

Kim Soo-Hyun and IU met for the first time in 2011 when they starred in Dream High alongside Suzy. Even though the two of them did not have a lot of romantic scenes at the time, the relationship between them is close, even after the drama ended. Besides, the two of them met again through the drama The Producer in 2015 as a couple.

Both Kim Soo-Hyun and IU really have a good relationship, which can be seen by how they support each other’s careers by sending food trucks or visiting each other when they have different projects. IU even asked Kim Soo-Hyun to be the model for her music video for the song “Ending Scene” in 2017 and cameo in her drama Hotel del Luna in 2019. Of course, Kim Soo-Hyun agreed with her request because it is IU.

Though there are many dating rumors and gossip about them, IU said that the two are just friends and not in a romantic relationship like what the rumors have said.

Kim Soo-Hyun with Seo Ye-Ji

Kim Soo-hyun with Seo Ye-ji

After being discharged from his military service, Kim Soo-Hyun made a small-screen comeback through the drama. It’s Okay To Be Not Okay with Seo Ye-Ji in 2020. Both of them had excellent chemistry on the screen, making them look good and lovely together. Many fans and people who watched their acting agreed that they look like a real couple. Their chemistry not only can be seen on the screen but also off the screen. There are many times when they look comfortable while throwing jokes at each other. That is why the dating rumor surfaced.

Besides, this is not their first time meeting with each other. In 2014, Kim Soo-Hyun and Seo Ye-Ji worked together on a CF (Commercial Film) as a couple. Both of them are under the same company, which made fans really sure about the dating rumor.

However, until now, there is no official news or announcements from either of them and the company about the truth regarding their relationship.

This is all the information about Kim Soo-Hyun’s love life and dating rumors that are publicly known. There are no official statements regarding Kim Soo-Hyun having a girlfriend right now, and he recently finished his military service. He returned to his career activities in 2019. Let’s keep supporting Kim Soo-Hyun’s career and love life!

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