Actor Kim Soo-hyun’s Dating Rumor With IU, Sohee, Sandara Park, and Suzy, Which One Is True?

Kim Soo-hyun’s Ideal Type and Woman

Long before he had debuted as an actor, Kim Soo-hyun had described the personality traits that he finds attractive in a woman, in his diary entries from 2008. It was written that the woman who Kim Soo-hyun would date has to feel sad and regret toward him (pity), only think about him, and not interfere with his business because that would be bothersome for him. As for his ideal woman, Kim Soo-hyun picked the British model and actress Kaya Scodelario, whom he worked with during the J. ESTINA photo shoot some years ago.

Moreover, Kim Soo-hyun has also confessed that he has dated more than nine women, as well as being associated with a lot of rumors involving popular female celebrities, which Channel-Korea will explain. So, keep reading!

Kim Soo-hyun and IU’s Dating Rumor

The first celebrity who has been rumored to be Kim Soo-hyun’s girlfriend is solo singer IU. They first met through KBS2’ Dream High as high school friends and then reunited on The Producers as a prospective love interest, but the finale of their story has been depicted ambiguously.

Lots of fans found that Kim Soo-hyun and IU are quite a match, hence wanting them to be a real couple. However, it was obvious that Kim Soo-hyun and IU are merely good friends. It was proven that in June 2014, Kim Soo-hyun came to IU’s solo concert that was held at Sogang University Mary Hall. Despite his busy schedule, as he had to fly to China to film a commercial film, Kim Soo-hyun stayed until the end of IU’s concert.

The friendship between Kim Soo-hyun and IU was proven once again when IU personally requested Kim Soo-hyun to star in one of her music videos, namely Ending Scene in 2017. The actor agreed to appear in the music video even though he was really busy at that time. Additionally, during the filming of a particular scene where they sit opposite to each other, it turned out that IU read a real love letter to Kim Soo-hyun; praising him with lots of compliments that he is cute, handsome, gentle, and perfect, in order to make him comfortable. Kim Soo-hyun could not hide his happiness, which was obvious by his genuine smile while listening to IU’s praise for him.

You can watch Kim Soo-hyun’s appearance on IU’s music video Ending Scene in the video below!