Trained as an Actress, Why Kim Sohye Followed ‘Produce 101 Season 1’? Check Her Profile Out!

Produce 101’s Mentor, Former After School Member, Kahi, reunited with Former I.O.I Members, Kim Chung-ha and Kim Sohye

Kahi, a mentor for Produce 101 seasons 1 & 2, had a chance for an unexpected reunion with former girl-group members from the show’s first season: Kim Chung-ha and Kim Sohye. They were all guests on ‘Hello Councelor’ ,aired on KBS 2, in a broadcast on September 3rd, 2018.

Kahi expressed that it was really nice to see Chung-ha and Sohye again, and the girls responded the same way, agreeing and sharing their feelings about meeting Kahi again, “When we started filming Produce 101, Kahi sunbae hadn’t give birth to her first child.”

Kahi was giving birth to her second child in June 2018, and the MC commented that Kahi must be proud to be one of their former mentors. Kahi responded, saying that she knew Chungha had the ability and that she was something to see when Kahi met her at the first audition program. Kahi continued to share her first impressions of the other former I.O.I member, Kim Sohye, and stated that she’s doing good with finding her own path in her career right now.

Kim Sohye was really happy to be reunited with her fellow I.O.I member, Kim Chung-ha, and both uploaded their selca to Instagram.

“I ended up with eating rice together 😆💕💕” – wrote Kim Sohye as the caption on her recent Instagram update with Kim Chung-ha (@s_sohye)

Produce 101’s Mentor, Bae Yoon-jung, Shared About Her Viral Comment Towards IOI’s Former Member, Kim Sohye

Bae Yoon-jung is known as a choreographer that mostly creates the dance moves for girl-groups. Bae Yoon-jung appeared as the guest star on ‘Radio Star’  on August 15th, 2018, and shared the true story of her comment to Kim Sohye when she was training to be an idol on Produce 101.

The choreographer asked Kim Sohye, “Sohye-ah, do you want to become a singer?” and her comment went viral, even becoming the most famous meme of Produce 101 Season 1, because of all of Kim Sohye’s struggles during practice.

Bae Yoon-jung expressed the true story behind her viral comment, “I was just really curious if she (Kim Sohye) was able to complete the missions because it seemed that she couldn’t dance or sing. I was really curious to ask her but I ended up like I was criticizing her.”

Kim Sohye received plenty of criticism from the mentors and viewers for being unable to keep up with the other participants, but at the beginning of the clip above, Bae Yoon-jung was shocked to see how much of an improvement Kim Sohye’s made in her dancing skills, and the next time Kim Sohye’s group performed in front of Bae Yoon-jung, the trainer ended up crying when she saw how much Kim Sohye’s ability had improved, and complimented the trainee on how hard she must have practiced to developed herself.

Bae Yoon-jung then continued, “I cried after watching Kim Sohye dance in the next day after I said that to her. Kim Sohye has practiced all night and people think I was acted and poke my eyes to made myself cry for the filming but it wasn’t true. I cried for real in fact that she improved overnight and practiced in late hours to showed that she has worked hard. I was very proud to see that Kim Sohye finally became one of the final member and debuted as I.O.I”

Kim Sohye’s Hair Transformation!

Kim Sohye has had long hair with bangs for a long time. Her adorable personality seems to get along with any kind of fashion and style, but this time, she really tried something new! The idol-turned-actress looks very grown up with her current hairstyle.

In April 2018, Kim Sohye took the very first selca of herself with short hair. It’s a big change from how she looked in her I.O.I days. Kim Sohye looks mature and fresh with a bob and see-through bangs.

Lately, her fellow I.O.I member, Jeon So-mi, has also appeared with a short hairstyle, and Kim Sohye said that she just followed Jeon So-mi’s short new hairdo because it seemed it will be the trend of the year.

Previously, Kim Sohye had a long dark hairstyle just like the normal styles that she used to try before, but this time she has no bangs.

Meanwhile, netizens leave their comments on an online community, giving their reactions to Kim Sohye’s new short hairstyle.

She looks so bright and beautiful..ㅋㅋ

Our Hye looks so sweet.. I will always be rooting for our Hye<3

She’s a girl, why would she look handsome?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She’s beautiful anyway..

She makes these fan taken pictures look like pictorial.. So pretty..

She suits that hair style really well.. I want to cut my hair like that but well, I don’t have face like hers..

She’s so gorgeous..ㅠㅠ Seems like she’s been through countless diets..

Kim Sohye with short hair is a never-ending cuteness! Don’t you agree?

Kim Sohye Doing Naver’s ‘V’ Live As A Part-Timer in Penguin Café

During her busy schedule as an MC and actress, Kim Sohye spent her free time working as a part-timer in the Penguin Café, which is run by her parents. It’s not an official job for her, but she helped her parents by serving the customers who came to the café.

On February 2018, an online community shared pictures of Kim Sohye showing off her skill as a barista, while she made beverages such as ice-cold shakes and lattes.

In these photos, Kim Sohye is wearing a brown apron and being busy while working in the café. Kim Sohye also interacted with her fans and taught the viewers in her live broadcast how to make honey-bread and sweet caramel macchiatos.

Looking like a professional barista, Kim Sohye was busy setting up the espresso machine and making the topping for  the toasted bread while mentioning, “I’m thinking to add a new recipe to be displayed as a beverage menu.”

The viewers were impressed by Kim Sohye’s live broadcast because she looked adorable as always, and really spent her free time helping her parents. While responding to the comments on her live broadcast, Kim Sohye showed off her mukbang session in the middle of live broadcasting.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Attended Kim Sohye’s Graduation Ceremony

On February 7th, 2018, some photos went up on various online communities, showing that Super Junior’s Kim Heechul attended Kim Sohye’s graduation ceremony at Gyeonggi Girls’ High School.

Just like a brother and sister, Kim Heechul appeared to show his support for Kim Sohye, and kept his promise to attend the former member of I.O.I’s graduation ceremony. Kim Sohye was surprised to see Kim Heechul’s sudden appearance at her school, and couldn’t hold back her happiness while she kept smiling brightly as the photos were taken. Along with Kim Heechul congratulations for Kim Sohye on her graduation, he also gave her a bouquet of flowers and gift while the two were posed in front of the camera.

Kim Sohye had previously expressed that she wanted him (Kim Heechul) to come to her graduation ceremony, while the two were filming for SBS Game Show.



That was all the information about Kim Sohye, the former member of nation’s girl-group I.O.I, that used to be a hitmaker of 2016 in the K-Pop industry. Kim Sohye is an adorable girl that doesn’t deserve hate comments, but the question is, why are there some netizens hating on her? It’s because they couldn’t keep up the good work for themselves, and that’s why they keep hating on everyone, not only Kim Sohye.

Well, let’s support Kim Sohye for the best on her career and personal life, and give her much love for her to continue her dream to be an actress!