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Was Kim Sohye Ever Involved in Any Controversy?

I.O.I Members Choi Yoo-jung, Jeon So-mi and Kim Sohye Were Caught Drinking

On October 2017, a rumor emerged speculating that I.O.I members was caught drinking soju. The rumor spread from a recent Instagram post of Jeon So-mi’s that started a controversy because netizens spotted bottles of soju in the background of the photos. What made it seem even more suspicious is that when Jeon So-mi realized the controversy, she deleted some photos from her Instagram.

The 3 girls, Choi Yoo-jung, Jeon So-mi, and Kim Sohye were taking a selca, and Jeon So-mi posted an individual photo on her Instagram. They seemed to be having fun and had a great time together as it seen from their facial expression and poses.

However, the real situation was that they figured out the girls were hanging out together at Choi Yoo-jung’s house, having a pajama party, and realized there were soju and other alcohol bottles in the previous photos that have been uploaded by Jeon So-mi. Those who’ve followed these girls for a long time may know that they’re all still under 20, which is the legal age to drink in Korea.

Some fans argued that the bottles might not be the girls’, but instead be from Choi Yoo-jung’s parents or family. Others argued that her parents were drinking in the living room, but the girls were having a pajama party and took the selca in a different room.

Meanwhile, none of the girls’ labels released official statements, although Jeon So-mi herself took action by deleting her pictures on Instagram. Fantagio, as Choi Yoo-jung’s management label explained, “We have checked about the situation and it turned out that it was Yoo-jung’s house and her parents also family was there because celebrating Chuseok. The rumors about Choi Yoo-jung, Jeon Som-mi, and Kim Sohye were drinking soju is not true. It was consumed by the adult who presents at that time and we have confirmed that the 3 girls are still underage and they’re not drinking.”

Check Out Kim Sohye’s Latest News!

Kim Sohye Attending VIP Premier of Box Office Movie ‘The Great Battle’

On September 13th, 2018, Kim Sohye attended the VIP Premier of the movie The Great Battle. Kim Sohye came a guest while wearing a casual outfit with a blazer and jeans skirt, sling bag, sneakers, and old-school socks.

Kim Sohye Looks Beautiful While Attending The Press Conference For Her New Drama; Netizens Leave Negative Comments

Kim Sohye chose to focus on acting after being released from her status as a I.O.I member. Since then, she’s starred in numerous short drama productions. One of the upcoming dramas is Ambergris, which held a press conference on Monday, September 10th, 2018.

During the press conference, Kim Sohye looked beautiful wearing a plain, peach dress. She smiled at the media crew who took her photograph. Unfortunately, Kim Sohye received scornful comments from netizens about her outfit. They seemed to mock her visuals, saying her look wasn’t suitable to be an actress.

The comments included things like, Her face is the types of girls who will succeed in Japanand another hate comment showed up, “Do people think she’s beautiful? I don’t even think it’s interesting.”, “Another Sohee (Ex- Wonder Girls). Doesn’t have any talent.”, “Is her family rich? She survived long enough than I thought before,” said another.

Meanwhile, Ambergris will be released on Naver TVcast, with the premier episode airing on September 10th, 2018.  You can see it on Samsung’s official channel on YouTube.