Trained as an Actress, Why Kim Sohye Followed ‘Produce 101 Season 1’? Check Her Profile Out!


Television Dramas

  • 2018 – Web Drama: Society Obsessed with Love (as Han Sa-rang/aired on Studio Onstyle), Web Drama: Ambergris (as Sol-ah/aired on Samsung), Mini-series Drama: The Greatest Chicken (unknown-since it will be Kim Sohye’s upcoming drama/aired on MBN)
  • 2017 – Web Drama: Queen of the Ring (as Park Se-gun’s ex-girlfriend (cameo on ep.1)/aired on MBC), Web Drama: Poetry Story (as Lee Ah-chim (Morning)/aired on Mobidic), Chuseok Special Drama: Kang Deok-soon’s Love History (as Kang Deok-soon/aired on KBS2), Web Drama: Unexpected Heroes (as Lee Yoon-ji/aired on Naver TV Cast)

Kim Sohye’s 2018 Drama Spoilers

Ambergris (고래먼지)

On September 10th, 2018, Naver TVcast released a web drama titled Ambergris, which is directed by Shin Won-suk, produced by Samsung, and starring Kim Sohye, actor Yang Dong-geun and Shin-goo in the lead roles.

The story of the drama tells about a girl who remembers her past childhood, a news reader who wants to escape from worldly life, and AI (Artificial Intelligence), or robots, that guide their journey while they struggle to get to the edge of the land. The drama is set in the year 2053, when humanity enjoys many advances in science and technology as part of their lifestyle. There is one thing that the humanity hasn’t been able to solve yet, however, that pushes the whole society into a state of gloom and despair.

The drama is four episodes in total, and you can click here to watch Ambergris full episodes!

The Best Chicken (최고의 치킨)

In August, 2018, Kim Sohye was confirmed to be starring in an upcoming youth drama, The Best Chicken, an original drama from Dramax, along with actor Park Sun-ho.

The Best Chicken is a Korean-Japan collaboration drama, which hopefully will bring a Hallyu Wave by combining the highlight story of a teenager that will pursue their dream to start their own business running Korean fried chicken restaurants.  The show stars Kim Sohye and Park Sun-ho, as an aspiring webtoon artist who inherited a public bathhouse from their grandfather.

Following the confirmation of The Best Chicken lead role, YG Entertainment has confirmed one of their actors, Joo Woo-jae, became part of the cast of the new Dramax drama, and it has been confirmed that these 3 young actors and actress, Kim Sohye, Park Sun-ho, and Joo Woo-jae have been scheduled to start filming in the middle of September, 2018, and will be set to air the first episode near the end of the year.

Variety Shows

  • 2017 – English Lecture Program (role as the MC/aired on EBS)
  • 2017 – Follow Me 8S (role as the MC/aired on FashionN)
  • 2017 – Bae Sung-jae’s Radio (as the Permanent Host/aired on SBS Power FM)
  • 2016 – Star Show 360 (as the Regular Host/aired on MBC Every1)
  • 2016 – Game Show (as the Regular Host/aired on SBS)

Awards and Nominations

Kim Sohye was nominated on the 2017 KBS Drama Awards, for the category of the Excellence Award, Actress in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama for the Drama Special: Kang Deok-soon’s Love History


The list below is the discography from Kim Sohye’s former girl-group, I.O.I, which has released two extended-plays and six singles through the survival show, Produce 101.  Through the survival show Kim Sohye made her debut as a member of the girl-group I.O.I in May, 2016, with their first EP release, titled Chrysalis.

Extended Plays

Title Detail Sales
Chrysalis EP released on May 4, 2016, under the labels YMC Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment, and formatted for CD & digital download

KOR: 87,026

JPN: 303

Miss Me? EP released on October 17, 2016, under the labels YMC Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment, formatted as CD & digital download

KOR: 106,439

JPN: 1,322


Title Year Sales Album
“Downpour” (소나기) 2017 KOR: 1,112,589 (DL) Non-album single
“Very Very Very” (너무너무너무) 2016 KOR: 1,319,944 (DL) Miss Me?
“Hand in Hand” (손에 손잡고) KOR: 4,039 (CD)
“Whatta Man” KOR: 78,535 (CD)

KOR: 371,336 (DL)

Non-album single
“Dream Girls” KOR: 652,321 (DL) Chrysalis
“Crush” KOR: 387,588 (DL)

Other Charted Songs

Title Year Sales Album
“M-Maybe” (음 어쩌면) 2016 KOR: 31,583+ Miss Me?
“Ping Pong” KOR: 33,131+
“Hold On” (잠깐만) KOR: 215,123+
“Pick Me” KOR: 33,968+ Chrysalis
“Doo Wap” KOR: 82,081+
“Knock Knock Knock” (똑 똑 똑) KOR: 154,934+
“When the Cherry Blossoms Fade” (벚꽃이 지면) KOR: 448,325+


I Love You, I Remember You” (사랑해 기억해) released in 2016, with sales of KOR: 124,584+ for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
OST Part 3


Music Videos

Year Title Director(s) Notes
2017 “Downpour” (소나기)

2016 “Very Very Very” (너무너무너무)

“Whatta Man (Good Man)”

Hong Won-ki Unit group
“Dream Girls” (드림걸스)

Hong Won-ki Debut song


Fun Facts About Kim Sohye

  1. She has some unique hobbies. She likes to pick up trash while walking, and she also loves to collect every kind of penguin merchandise or souvenir.
  2. Kim Sohye’s nickname is ‘Penguin’, because of her penguin collection.
  3. Kim Sohye’s specialties are playing the ocarina, playing volleyball, beatboxing, and acting.
  4. Kim Sohye had a one-year trainee period.
  5. She gets really scared when she has to go haunted or abandoned places.
  6. Kim Sohye’s weakness is that she’s too emotional and has low self-confidence. Although she has changed some, her weakness showed up while she was a trainee on the survival show, Produce 101.
  7. Kim Sohye was described as being the Taiwanese Actor Darren Wang’s long-lost identical twin. Kim Sohye’s fans discovered, on an online community portal, that Darren Wang and Kim Sohye have very similar facial features include their gummy smiles and their eyes. The photos below show their similarity, and many Kim Sohye fans assumed that they are actually long-lost siblings
  8. Kim Sohye has a pet dog named Milk. The former member of I.O.I appeared on Channel-A’s ‘Man Who Feeds the Dog’, with the rest of I.O.I, and they spent time with the dogs in a shelter.

In season 2 of the show, Kim Sohye made a comeback by surprising the viewers that she has adopted one of the dogs. According to Allkpop, Kim Sohye had to beg her parents to let her adopt the dog. Although her parents doubted her at first, Kim Sohye’s family have gotten used to taking care of Milk, and the dog has become one of the family.

9. Kim Sohye’s role model is Chun Woo-hee, as she mentioned in an interview on February 16th, 2017. Kim Sohye revealed that she first became her fan after watching the movie Sunny. Kim Sohye said that she, too, wanted to play a character that everybody would remember, which gives her motivation to work hard on her acting skills.

Kim Sohye’s Penguin Cafe

Besides started her career in entertainment, Kim Sohye has made another step forward in her life by opening a café as her first business. The café became the place for her to stay connected with her fans, and she even held a fansign there. Penguin Café opened along with the official announcement of Kim Sohye’s agency, S&P Entertainment.

“There is so many people came to send me a congratulation and because there’s many of them who came, I am so sorry because I couldn’t treat and take care everyone in a proper way.” – Kim Sohye wrote in S&P Entertainment website.

A lot of Kim Sohye’s fans were grateful because of her idea to hold the fan meet, and Kim Sohye received a lot of support for her new business.

Kim Sohye’s Penguin Café is located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, and she held the fan-signing on June 22nd, 2016. It was reported that Kim Sohye’s fans had to line up before entering the venue, and Kim Sohye signed up to 100 autographs, and she also served for the first 100 customers herself.

Check out Kim Sohye’s fan signing event at Penguin Café below!

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안녕하세요, S&P Entertainment입니다. 금일(6월 22일) 오전 11시, #김소혜 의 팬 사인회 이벤트가 교대 앞 Penguin's cafe에서 진행됐습니다. S&P Entertainment와 함께 김소혜와 팬들과의 소통의 공간이 될 Penguin's Cafe가 오늘 오픈했습니다. 카페 오픈 시간인 10시부터 먼저 도착하시는 100분께 김소혜가 본인의 사진이 담긴 액자에 사인을 해 드리는 게릴라성 이벤트였는데도 수많은 분들께서 오셔서 축하해 주셨습니다. 너무 많은 분들이 와 주셔서 제대로 대접해 드리지 못했던 점 죄송합니다. 팬 여러분들의 뜨거운 열기와 환호 속에서 서로 배려하며 즐거워하시는 모습이 김소혜에게도 그대로 따뜻하게 전해졌습니다. 다시 한번 여러분의 사랑과 응원에 감사 드립니다. 앞으로도 수시로 이벤트가 있을 예정이오니 홈페이지에 많은 방문 바랍니다.

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I.O.I also had a private fan meeting for ‘High Touch Event’ here at the Penguin Cafe!

As reported on a fan website from someone who came to Penguin Café, the café’s interior is surrounded by Kim Sohye’s banners and customers are greeted with many kinds of penguin merchandise. There is also a little mailbox near in the cashier corner, whenever Kim Sohye’s fans want to send her a letter.

The Penguin Café’s signature isn’t only evident from the decorations and interior, but also in details such as stamps they use for every purchased item, the heart-shaped plates they use to serve, and Kim Sohye’s autograph on the cups.

As a café that’s owned by a superstar, Penguin Café provides a lot of posters, banners, and photographs of Kim Sohye hanging on the walls, and there’s also a corner with Kim Sohye’s picture, along with merchandise, slogans, and plushies, which is considered the best spot at the café.

Customers at the Penguin Café will get a chance to see Kim Sohye’s baby pictures in an album her parents put together. The album is filled with Kim Sohye’s pre-debut and passport pictures. To protect Kim Sohye’s privacy, no one is allowed to remove any pictures from inside of the album.

The fans also say Kim Sohye’s Penguin Café has a nice, relaxing atmosphere, and is a great place to sit down and study for a couple of hours because it’s nice and quiet. But sometimes the café plays a lot of I.O.I or Produce 101 hit songs on the speakers, and add some western hit songs, too. The workers at the Penguin Café are said to be very helpful and friendly to the customers.