Trained as an Actress, Why Kim Sohye Followed ‘Produce 101 Season 1’? Check Her Profile Out!

Kim Sohye’s Debut With I.O.I

Kim Sohye achieved her goal to debut in the entertainment industry, and even though debuting as an idol wasn’t her original plan, she worked hard until she became a success. She debuted as an idol in the girl-group I.O.I in 2016, with 10 other Produce 101 trainees, including Jeon So-mi, Kim Se-jeong, Choi Yoo-jung, Kim Chung-ha, Jung Chae-yeon, Lim Na-young, Zhou Jieqiong (Pinky/Kyulkyung), Kang Mi-na, Kim Do-yeon, Yoo Yeon-jung.

Kim Sohye promoted as a member of I.O.I, and performed the best hit songs in 2016, Crush and Dream Girls. At the beginning of her career, I.O.I and Kim Sohye received huge attention, and both the performer and the group gained increasing popularity.

Following the I.O.I promotion era, Kim Sohye made a comeback as part of a sub-unit group, and released a track with the title Whatta Man. Once again, Kim Sohye showed her sexy side, and fans continued to be impressed with Kim Sohye’s hard work.

Kim Sohye has impressed many of the people who’ve watched her progress from her trainee period until her debut. Very Very Very (너무너무너무) is Kim Sohye’s golden era, since she could express her personality through the music video’s concept, and also had a solo part in the song. This video continued to increase Kim Sohye’s popularity and earned her a lot of love and support from her fans.

After I.O.I’s promotion era was over, Kim Sohye continued her career in the entertainment industry by participating in many variety shows and showing another side of herself.

As reported by Soompi, I.O.I had finally wrapped up their promotion for their group and closed their fan café on January 31st, 2017. The next day, Kim Sohye shared a Polaroid photo with I.O.I on her Instagram feeds, and wrote, “Until now, it has been ‘Yes I Love It! I.O.I. I love you.”

YMC Entertainment made a statement that after a lot of discussion and consultation, that they needed to close down the I.O.I fan café, since the group is no longer working together. They also said that there’s a possibility the group may reunite in five years or so.

Meanwhile, I.O.I officially ended all their promotional activities as a girl-group, after shooting one last CF before they disbanded. They filmed for the school uniform brand Elite, along with the boy-group, Pentagon.

With the disbandment of I.O.I, netizens are sad that Kim Sohye isn’t continuing her career as an Idol anymore. Most of the comments that came from Kim Sohye’s fans wewere supportiveessages, encouraging Kim Sohye to pursue her dreams to be a actress and said things like, “Hul.. I want to see Sohye as an idol again..ㅠㅠ”, “But didn’t she originally want to be an actress?? Or am I wrong..?”, “We can see her as an idol in 5.. I mean, 4 years again..ㅠㅠ”, and “Who knows? She might get a role as an idol in a drama or movie.. Hopefully..ㅜㅜ”

What’s Kim Sohye Been Doing Since I.O.I Disbanded?

As reported by the Korean news outlet, Naver, Kim Sohye said that she wants to pursue her dream of being an actress in the entertainment industry, but after going through the training period to be an idol, Kim Sohye said her acting skills are rusty right now, so she wants to learn more to pursue her dream.

Kim Sohye has prepared herself to debut as an actress and signed under her own label to support her acting career. It seems that it may take some work for Kim Sohye to readjust, after going through the training for debuting as an idol, since she wasn’t getting any acting training at the time.

When she was asked the question of how she felt after I.O.I’s disbandment, Kim Sohye responded, “I thought that this is the hardest question ever. It doesn’t feel real that I should face the fact that the concert is already over. We still contact each other frequently since we have a group chat between the members. I realized more when the members are debuted in different group or release a song whether a comeback or debut songs and there are a lot of times when I feel depressed. Because we’re not working together anymore but it feels like they’re still my members and they gave me so much mental and emotional support right now. It’s hard to do everything by myself right now.”

Kim Sohye then continued, when she was asked if she was ever depressed or whenever she feels gloomy, “I videocalled my members every time I missed them. There was a lot of times that I got scolded by the members because I’m not the type to keep up on Social Media, but interacted in a group chat is more easier to keep in touch and I’m also trying to find another hobby right now.”

For her upcoming plans, Kim Sohye explained that she is moving forward to develop a stable acting career, which has been one of her dream for a long time, but she also revealed that she wasn’t as brave as she used to be, and said that her acting skill still needs improvement. “It would be nice if there will be an opportunity for me to act but I have to learn more to improve my acting skill.”

Leaving RedLine Entertainment, Kim Sohye Established S&P Entertainment As Her Own Agency

In June 2016, Kim Sohye officially opened up a one-person agency that was only set up for herself, and announced it after the website’s home page was ready to go. Meanwhile, RedLine Entertainment was removed from Kim Sohye’s profile in Naver, and the agency’s affiliate left a comment in her gallery saying that Kim Sohye had no ties with RedLine Entertainment anymore.

S&P Entertainment, as her current label, stated that Kim Sohye needed an agency that could support her by promoting her during I.O.I’s activities, as well as other activities, and that’s how S&P Entertainment was designed. The agency also stated that if Kim Sohye starts receiving more attention and project offers in the future, S&P Entertainment will make sure to  adjust Kim Sohye’s schedules to avoid any conflicts with promotions for I.O.I.

S&P Entertainment stands for Shark & Penguin. Both are animals that represented Kim Sohye’s characteristics during her trainee period in Produce 101.

S&P Entertainment stated that the agency will be working out and continuing to manage Kim Sohye’s professional schedules, even after she finishes her activities for I.O.I’s promotion, and would be developing her to become a multi-level entertainer.