Trained as an Actress, Why Kim Sohye Followed ‘Produce 101 Season 1’? Check Her Profile Out!

General Information About Kim Sohye

Kim Sohye was a member of the former South Korean girl-group, I.O.I, who debuted in 2016 on the survival show Produce 101, that aired on Mnet. Kim Sohye impressing everyone with her hard work on the show, before finally debuting as an I.O.I member and expanding her career. After she debuted as an idol, Kim Sohye started to again pursue her dream to be an actress. The performer left her agency, RedLine Entertainment, to sign under her own management label, S&P Entertainment, and promote herself as an actress. Her new label did a lot of things to promote her, including opening a café as her business, Penguin Cafe.

Let’s check out Kim Sohye’s full profile, below, to get to know more about her!

“Adorable Shark from I.O.I” Kim Sohye’s Profile

Real Name : Kim So-hye (김소혜)

Profession : Actress, Singer

Birth : Seoul, South Korea, July 19th, 1999

Nationality : Korean

Zodiac : Cancer

Height : 163 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Blood Type : A

Family : Parents & Younger Brother

Education : Sookmyung Girl’s Middle School (숙명여자중학교)

Kyunggi Girls’ High School (경기여자고등학교)

Talent Agency : S&P Entertainment (2016 – Present)

 YMC Entertainment (2016 – 2017)

 RedLine Entertainment (2015 – 2016)

Official Sites : Instagram (

Associated Acts : I.O.I

Kim Sohye’s Journey as an Idol and Actress

Before she became an Idol, Kim Sohye was born in Seoul and was a student at Kyunggi Girls’ High School. Kim Sohye was a talented volleyball player, and she won the National Junior High Title as a libero.

Kim Sohye become a trainee in an acting company and trained as an actress. At first, Kim Sohye had no experience dancing or singing before she joined the survival show Produce 101 (2016). She finished in 5th place out of the 101 girls participating, and she had to compete in the survival show before finally debuting as a member of nation’s idol girl-group, I.O.I.

How Kim Sohye Got on to Produce 101

Kim Sohye was known to have an unusual personality when she joined Mnet’s survival show, Produce 101. It stood her in good stead, though, and helped her meet a lot of challenges in order to debut and finally become a member of I.O.I.

In the beginning, she didn’t have any skills or training to become an idol. RedLine Entertainment, Kim Sohye’s previous agency, had been training her to become an actress for about a year. Many of the show’s viewers assumed that Kim Sohye lacked of ability to become an idol. She didn’t do very well in the first episodes and received a lot of discouraging comments from the judges. Unfortunately, Kim Sohye was placed in the F class, which is the lowest rank of the competition.

The journey to become a member of I.O.I had become more crucial, and Kim Sohye had to work hard to be prepared for re-evaluation in 3 days. Kim Sohye couldn’t keep up with the dance steps for Produce 101’s theme song, Pick Me, and she remained in the lowest rank after the re-evaluation.

Being in a survival show, competing with other participants, Kim Sohye’s status on the program was in serious doubt, it seemed like her skills and training were just too different from the other contestants. She got lucky when she went to the team evaluation battle and ended up with Sejeong’s team, performing Wonder Girls’ – Irony.

Kim Sohye felt pressured and humiliated by her performances so far, going into the evaluation battle. She worked hard, practicing until late at night, to show the world that she could do it. The next day, you could see her improvement. Kim Sohye showed a massive change while performing Wonder Girls’ – Irony, bringing the other trainees to tears as she demonstrated just how hard she could work. Kim Sohye made it through the first stage smoothly, amazing many people, including the trainees and judges.

In another evaluation battle, Kim Sohye moved on to the position battles and joined the dance category, which surprised many people, but it was actually her best decision, because her dance skills were better than her singing or rapping.

With a little help from her friend Kyulkyung (Pinky), who was another trainee, Kim Sohye becomes a whole different person by the time she performed to Sunmi’s Full Moon, and she worked hard to learn to project a sexy image. Kim Sohye’s performance successfully captivated many people, and she danced so well that her effort put her first place, along with her fellow members, Kyulkyung and D.I.A Chaeyeon as the second place in the dance category. Kim Sohye kept up her hard work in every concept evaluation, and she was doing well.

Kim Sohye was also being filmed during the trainee period of Produce 101, which showed off her bright, cute, and innocent personality. The most iconic moment she had as a trainee Produce 101 trainee was when she dressed in a shark costume and was being filmed.

Kim Sohye was dancing with movements just like sharks, waving her arms and making cute faces. Although her dance as a shark wasn’t made an aired performance, she still charmed viewers with her cuteness.

As the final episode of Kim Sohye trainee period in Produce 101 drew near, Kim Sohye expressed that she was afraid she wouldn’t do well, and was concerned about her upcoming live performance, although she already did the best and ended up with a good performance. Kim Sohye fans were making “Penguin” signs as a symbol of her rising popularity after she placed as the 5th place winner.