Actress Kim So-hyun Talks About Her Ideal Type and Who She’s Dating Now

Kim So-hyun love life

About Kim So-hyun’s Love Life

Kim So-hyun began her career in the Korean entertainment industry as a child actress when she was 7 years old. She rose to fame through MBC’s dramas Moon Embracing the Sun and Missing You. Active as an actress in both movies and dramas, Kim So-hyun is very busy with her work and studies. With her popularity being one of the greatest among teenage actresses in South Korea, Kim So-hyun’s love life still remains hidden from the media. So, let’s try to find out more about it.


Kim So-hyun’s Ideal Type

Kim So-hyun ideal type

Kim So-hyun’s ideal type seems to be always changing. Recently, she chose her drama co-star Yoo Seung-ho as her ideal type. They recently starred in the MBC drama Ruler: Master of the Mask and previously worked together in the 2012-2013 MBC drama I Miss You.

Although it might just be a temporary ideal type that Kim So-hyun revealed, she said that she would like to spend Christmas with her future boyfriend.


Is Kim So-hyun Currently Dating Anyone?

Kim So-hyun dating rumor

Currently, Kim So-hyun is believed to be single. As she is busy with her own schedule on and off camera, there aren’t any dating rumors regarding her. Although she is sometimes gossiped to be with her co-stars, she is not in a public relationship at this time.