Don’t Miss Kim So-hye’s Acting as an Aspiring Webtoon Writer in ‘Best Chicken’

Kim Soh-ye

Get To Know The Details About Actress And Singer, Kim So-hye

Kim So-hye, born in July 19, 1999, is a South Korean actress and singer signed under S&P Entertainment. She is best known for finishing fifth in Mnet’s K-pop girl-group survival show Produce 101 and for being a member of the group IOI.

After IOI disbanded So-hye started her solo debut as an actress, and has since managed to play roles in several dramas. Let’s take a look at some of the roles she taken since she started acting.

Kim So-hye in Best Chicken

Best Chicken Poster

This drama is about a group of young people who follow their dreams. Bo-A (Kim So-Hye) wants to become a webtoon writer, but she struggles to accomplish her dream. Bo-A runs a bathhouse, which is owned by her grandfather, and also she lives on the second floor of the bathhouse. She doesn’t associate with people outside of her three friends. The bathhouse is the perfect place for her to seclude herself from society.

Choi-Go (Park Sun-Ho) quit his job working for a big company. He looks for a place to open a chicken restaurant. He takes a look at the bathhouse owned by Bo-A’s grandfather. Choi-Go likes the bathhouse location for his chicken restaurant and signs a lease. Bo-A’s grandfather also offers to give him a discount on his monthly rent if he hires Bo-A to work at the restaurant. (Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staf)

Sunho Sohye

The two actors play an employee of a large corporation who dreams of running a fried chicken restaurant and the owner of a public bathhouse inherited from her grandfather, who dreams of becoming a webtoon artist. Park Sun Ho and Kim Sohye are set to bring the story of youth and growth to life with their sweet chemistry.

On Twitter many fans praised her acting skills in this drama by leaving their comments on their accounts,

I just finished the best chicken, and I loved this drama. The acting was excellent and I’m so proud of So-hye” -Gdxna_

Actress So-hye is the best” -yoojungph

My gorgeous and talented, Kim So-hye” -jkpopuding

And the other account on the Asianwiki comment column said:

I look to seeing more of Kim Hye-So, in future dramas. I’ve become her fan from watching this drama!” -Gino Lee

Her acting was very good especially when it comes to cry scene… I cry every time she cry…and also when it comes to comedic scene, she’s so cute. i”ll give 3.5 out of 5 stars.” -Syam

Her Previous Acting

Kim So-hye

Drama Special: Kang Duk-Soon’s Love History

Kim So-hye

A drama about Kang Duk Soon (Kim So-hye), a naive woman who inadvertently gets wrapped up in an independence movement after following a man she has a one-sided love for to Gyeongsang province, and how she grows through her experiences.

Here’s the video to see her acting in this drama.

Queen of Ring

Queen Of Ring

This drama is a story about a girl, Nan-hee, who does not believe in herself because she feels she does not look as pretty as others. One day she receives a ring which holds a family secret. Due to the magical ring, she gets Se-gun, who’s a handsome guy but has a cold-blooded personality, to see her as his ideal type.

In this drama Kim So-hye plays the role as Park Se-gun’s ex-girlfriend, a member of fictional girl group I.Q.I

Latest News

Kim So-hye

there are three recent updates on her Instagram account (s_sohye).

  1. She posted a poster of Somi, to support Somi’s solo debut!

2. She is the prettiest!

3. It seems like she tried a snapchat filter, baby So-hye

She is really beautiful at all times, please look forward to her upcoming project in the drama!