Meet Kim So-hee, The Woman Behind the Famous Korean Fashion and Makeup Brand ‘Stylenanda’

Kim So-hee’s Net Worth

As CEO and founder of Stylenanda, Kim So-hee certainly has a substantial income. Unlisted Nanda posted a 2016 net profit of $20.4 million on sales of $101 million, riding the Korean pop-culture wave. Nanda says several companies are eyeing a major stake in the L’Oréal global cosmetics giant – after its international expansion.

Its flagship brand Stylenanda began as a fashion business and has since become a company-branded by its makeup brand 3CE which today represents more than 70% of the business. It had a turnover of 127 million euros in 2017 and nearly 400 employees.

Instagram Feed

You can follow Kim So-hee’s Instagram @so_______ee and Stylenanda @stylenanda_korea.