Meet Kim So-hee, The Woman Behind the Famous Korean Fashion and Makeup Brand ‘Stylenanda’

Stylenanda’s Makeup (3ce)

Besides clothing, Kim So-hee also releases cosmetic products that are also in demand by women in South Korea, and not only there, but this brand has become the number one choice for many women in other countries as well. In 2009, Kim So-hee released 3CE makeup products. 3CE is always in-trend, super innovative, and ultra stylish. Want to learn more about the products? Check this out!

The 3CE GLOW SKIN CUSHION at a price of $28.00 USD has UV protection with SPF 50 and PA +++++. A pink sun cushion that evens out your skin tone with pearl shimmer for a vibrant and glowing face. The dense, soft formula cultivates smooth and beautifully glowing skin.

The 3CE MULTI EYE COLOR PALETTE #BEACH MUSE for $38.00 USD can add to your eye palette collection. A pink and peach eyeshadow palette for both warm and cool skin undertones. From matte bases to glamorous glitter, deep contouring, and statement shades. There are nine colors completing a single palette to help create a truly romantic and lovely eye makeup look.

The 3CE PRO MULTI BLUSH COLOR PALETTE #PURE PLAY can be found at the price of $60.00 USD. Blusher fully filled with fruity colors and highlighting eye shadow. There are six colors that can be applied for both independent uses and for blending for tone-on-tone makeup.

The 3CE SMOOTHING LIP TINT #HAVE A BLAST is $15.00 USD. Suitable for you to use for any appearance. With a lightweight formula and good coverage, it will cover the entire surface of your lips.

Stylenanda Pink Hotel and Pink Pool Café

In addition, Stylenanda has also established a unique café with pink shades that manages to attract a lot of people every day. This café is located in the Myeongdong area. Everything in this Café is pink and in the 90s style.

Each floor of the Café has its own charm and is suitable for taking pictures because it has an attractive angel. As the name implies, Pink Hotel and Pink Pool Café, the café also has a mini swimming pool that can be used as a photo backdrop. This café is divided into two areas, namely indoor and outdoor on the rooftop. The rooftop section is usually chosen by visitors who want to feel a more relaxed atmosphere.

This café provides various types of menus that visitors can choose from. Starting from various coffees, shakes, lemonade, various teas, cakes, to diet menus. And if you want to enjoy this Café, you must buy at least one drink. Want to try?

Stylenanda’s Models

Now… let’s find out more about Stylenanda’s models. Check this out!

Park Sora

Jung Minhee

Byun Jeong-ha

Gong Soo-ah

L’Oreal Completes Acquisition of Stylenanda

On May 8th, 2018, L’Oréal announced the acquisition of 100% of Nanda Co. Ltd. CEO and founder of Stylenanda, Kim So-hee said, “It will be a landmark for Breakthrough for Nanda. Grounded on L’Oréal’s solid support and global platform, we envisage expanding Stylenanda’s footprints internationally, becoming a world-renowned brand to lead global trends in beauty.”

President of L’Oréal’s Consumer Products Division, Alexis Perakis-Valat said, “The Korean brand in L’Oréal family. Stylenanda captures Seoul’s vibe, edge, and creativity. It is perfectly positioned to nourish the growing appetite for the makeup of millennials in Korea, China, and beyond.”

The President of L’Oréal Korea, Yann Le Bourdon added, “With this acquisition, L’Oréal Korea will substantially reinforce its presence in the accessible makeup market. We are very proud to welcome the Group’s first Korean beauty Brand and contribute to bringing Korean beauty and style to the rest of the world.”

With this acquisition, L’Oréal plans to expand the sales of 3CE internationally. The transaction is expected to be completed in the next two months after customary regulatory approvals.