Meet Kim So-hee, The Woman Behind the Famous Korean Fashion and Makeup Brand ‘Stylenanda’

Meet Kim So-hee, The Woman behind the Fabulous Brand Stylenanda

If you are a makeup and skincare lover of Korean brands, you must be familiar with the Stylenanda brand, right? Stylenanda is one of the biggest and most well-known makeup and skincare brands in South Korea. Stylenanda was founded in 2004 by founder Kim So-hee. Besides focusing on cosmetics, Stylenanda is also known for its fashion branch that is very diverse and in accordance with the season.

In the beginning, Stylenanda was known as a very famous and best-selling fashion brand in South Korea, because it always released new fashion styles in accordance with the predilection of the people of South Korea at the time. However, as time went by Stylenanda increasingly expanded their market by producing makeup and skincare products that were immediately sought after by many people.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about the famous brand, Stylenanda, and the founder Kim So-hee. We will also introduce you to information about Standing items and projects. Want to learn more about that? Check this out!

Full Profile of Kim So-hee

Kim Sohee is the founder and owner of Stylenanda, an accomplished 35-year-old woman. She started to work on Stylenanda at the age of 21 by making a fashion network. Kim So-hee made a fashion network to help finance her mother and aunt. Kim So-hee has the nickname Bold Lady in Korea. She has a preference for bold colors and styles. Kim So-hee is also famous for her brutal honesty, which became evident when she refused to remove the tags from her goods to hide their origin. She said she thought she was confident about her merchandising choice. She also didn’t want to lie to her customers.

The Beginnings of Stylenanda

Since the age of 21 years, Kim So-hee started to help in financing her mother and aunt by making a fashion network known as Stylenanda. Kim So-hee had a revelation about her future career after selling a jacket on Auction, the e-commerce website of eBay Korea. Wholesale from the fashion market, and marveled at the clothes she had picked out. Incidentally, the only business experience Kim So-hee had before was working at a small, non-beauty related company for one week.

In 2005, she helped set up the business for her mother and aunt and got a friend to model for her picks. Kim said she focused on items that appealed to young women with strong character and signature styles. The next year, in 2006, was the turning point, when the company turned black with 4.1 billion won operating profit. The change was largely due to its success in China.

Previously, Kim So-hee’s business did not go well, her company was not doing very well initially. For over seven years, Stylenanda had been posting operating losses. In 2011, the firm posted sales of 33.9 billion won, but had an operating loss of 500 million won. In 2009, she also launched a budget cosmetics brand called 3CE. But it was not an easy challenge since she had found an ODM company that could help with her brand launch. “I was only 26 at the time when I presented our new line to Korea’s No. 1 ODM Korean firm Kolmar,” she said. To the surprise of many, Kolmar scrambled onboard. On May 2nd, 2018, L’Oréal announced the acquisition of 100% of Nanda Co. Ltd.

The Famous Korean Fashion and Makeup Brand, Stylenanda

As we already know, Stylenanda is not only focused on fashion but is also famous for its cosmetic products that are already well-known in various countries. If you want to know, what the clothing brand that is very popular among young women in South Korea is, they will choose Stylenanda. Its clothes are unique, and the latest features are oversized garments, graphic prints, high waists, and models wearing K-style makeup looks.

Now, let’s look at all the products under Stylenanda. Check this out!

Stylenanda’s Fashion

As we already know, Stylenanda has many fashion products favored by young women in South Korea, besides that, Stylenanda always presents new styles in different seasons in South Korea. This makes many Korean women choose the Stylenanda brand for their style choice. In addition, Stylenanda also has very good quality and affordable prices. Check this out!

Stylenanda also has various fashion choices, such as from Nanda Made providing top, outer, dress, skirts, bags, shoes, and accessories. Other than that, Stylenanda also has KKXX labels and provides tops, outers, skirts, and pants. KKXX, which stands for the interesting name of “Kindly Kitsch and XoXo,” consists of fun pieces that are exclusively black and white, often with bold graphics and mesh inserts. The line features athletic wear and has recently grown to include menswear as well.

Because June is the summer in Korea, Stylenanda also provides several choices of bikinis, bodysuits, accessories, bags, and shoes that are suitable for you to celebrate summer. For Tops, Stylenanda provides Blouses, Shirts, Long Selves, Hoodies, Pullovers, Short Sleeves, Sleeveless, Bustiers, and Kints.

This is one example of a blouse. You can get the Floral Cropped Off-Shoulder Blouse at a price of  $45.00 USD. This blouse is very suitable for you to take a walk on the beach during the summer because the models and motifs are very adorable.

Single Tone Buttoned Front Loose Fit Shirt you can get at a price of $49.00 USD. You can make this shirt as an outer or shirt in general and suitable for you to use during any season.

You can get the V-Neck Drop Shoulder T-Shirt at the price of $28.00 USD. This long-sleeve is suitable for those of you who want to look simple in the summer. It has a material that is not too hot and is available in white and mint.

You can get the Oversized Sweatshirt and Legging Shorts Set for $63.00 USD. This type of clothing is suitable for those of you who want to look sporty in the summer.

You can get the Tattered Edge Long T-shirt for $35.00 USD. This appearance is suitable for those of you who really want to look very simple and not complicated to enjoy the summer. With colors like neon, yellow, and green it will make you look very fresh.

You can get the Top Halterneck Tie-Back at the price of $34.00 USD. This appearance is suitable for those of you who want to look simple but still elegant. You can combine it with jeans or skirts according to your needs.

You can get a bustier model like Lace-Up Cami Top at the price of $26.00 USD and match it with a long sleeve shirt and pair it with jeans. Your appearance will give off a more mature vibe.

Knit models, such as the Knit T-Shirt and Cardigan Sets can be obtained at a price of $94.00 USD and are suitable for an elegant appearance. You can combine it with a long black skirt and boots.

For Outer, Stylenanda provides Cardigans, Vets, Jackets, Coats, Jumpers, Leather Jackets, Padding, and Fur.

You can get the Button Front Ribbed Cardigan for $26.00 USD and match it with jeans and sneakers. Your appearance will look very simple but still adorable.

You can get the Oversized Double-Breasted Closure Vest at the price of $80.00 USD. You can wear a vest like this as a formal or an informal outfit.

You can get the Notched Lapel Single-Breasted Solid Tone Jacket for $72.00 USD. This jacket is available in two colors with pastel colors that are suitable as a formal or informal attire.

The Single-Breasted Check Pattern Coat you can get at the price of $122.00 USD and it is suitable for you to wear during the winter. Besides, this coat also makes your appearance look more fashionable.

You can get the Cord Lock Hem Zip-Up Jacket for $62.00 and it is available in Gray, Ivory, and Black color.

The Faux Leather Single Tone Jacket you can get at the price of $111.00 USD, suitable for those of you who want to look a little more formal.

You can get the Puffer Coat and Muffler Set for $289.00 USD. Apart from keeping you warm during the winter, this type of padding makes you look adorable.

You can get the Wide Collar Teddy Jacket at a price of $98.00 USD and is suitable for you to wear during winter and make your appearance look more fashionable.

For dresses, Stylenanda provides Midi, Long, and Mini dress models.

You can get the Sheer Slip Dress at the price of $32.00 USD and is suitable for you to wear during the summer.

You can get the Mini Trapeze Dress at a price of $60.00 USD and is suitable for you to wear during the summer and make your appearance look very sexy.

For Skirts, Stylenanda provides Mini, Midi, and Maxi skirts.

You can get the Accent Paisley Print Skirt Flap for $54.00 USD and is suitable for you to wear during the summer. In addition, this skirt also has a very unique and adorable motif.

You can get the Self-Tie Waist A-Line Skirt at the price of $37.00 USD and is suitable for you to wear when you want to go for a picnic.

You can get the Eyelet Flounce Skirt at the price of $53.00 USD. This skirt has a very unique motif and elegant colors suitable for use during the summer.

And finally, for pants, Stylenanda provides models, such as Leggings, Pants, Skinnies, Jeans, Sweatpants, Jumpsuits, and Shorts.

Need leggings for sports? Maybe Banded Waist Single Tone Legging Shorts can be your choice for $24.00 USD.

Slit Hem Solid Tone Slacks for $41.00 USD are suitable for those of you who want to appear formal, or informal.

High-Waist Pintuck Pants at a price of $44.00 USD can be matched with any type of clothing, both formal and informal.

Side Slit Frayed Hem Jeans at the price of $41.00 USD can add to your jeans collection. You can combine this type of denim jeans with any piece of clothing and you can wear them during every season.

Tapered TURN Lettering Pull-On Pants at the price of $45.00 USD can be mixed into formal or informal attire.

Square Neck Wide-Leg Denim Overalls at the price of $64.00 USD can add to your collection of jumpsuits and models like this are suitable for you to wear during the summer and make your appearance more adorable.

Solid Tone Elastic Waist Shorts at the price of $32.00 USD can be your reference in determining clothes for a vacation at the beach.