K-Drama Throwback: Kim So-eun and Her Virtual Husband’s Romance Continue on ‘Our Gap-soon’

Off-Screen Moments


The SBS drama Our Gap-soon‘s production crew has shared some still cuts and making films of the lovable couple Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim. From the behind the scene, it can be seen how the romantic couple actually interacts off-screen.

During the first script reading, Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim already showed their sweet chemistry on the spot. They are very close to each other and they are joking and laughing with each other. But when they start practicing dialogue they become serious and act earnestly.

During a making film of the kiss scene, the two lead actors were able to act naturally without any awkwardness. The viewers have been waiting for this for so long. Kim So-eun (Shin Gap-soon) and Song Jae-rim (Heo Gap-dol) finally have a passionate and sweet kiss.

Press Conference


On August 26th, 2016, the SBS drama Our Gap-soon held a press conference. During the press conference, Kim So-eun shared her thoughts about her and her co-star, Song Jae-rim being nominated for a ‘Best Couple’ award for their relationship in the SBS drama Our Gap-soon.


People had already seen the two actors’ chemistry when they became a virtual couple on We Got Married. But many people were also curious and looking forward to their acting and chemistry in the drama Our Gap-soon. At the press conference, Song Jae-rim who played Heo Gap-dol said that he was happy when they both were cast together. He is usually shy with strangers, but since they already loved and became friendly on another show, it was not different acting as Gap-dol and Gap-soon. It was like that from the beginning, and it was more comfortable. And viewers won’t have to worry about their chemistry.

Kim So-eun who acted as Gap-soon also said that it was good that she would be able to work with Song Jae-rim again in a drama. After acting together, she was proven right. In the drama, they played as a 10-year couple, but she thought that it was not awkward at all. She was very sure that the drama would receive love.

That was all the information about the K-Drama throwback: Kim So-eun and her romance with her virtual husband continue in Our Gap-soon. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!