From Kim Seul-gi to Lee Sung-kyung: Which Actress Has the Best Chemistry With Nam Joo-hyuk?

Shin Se-kyung (The Bride of Habaek)

shin se kyung

Next one, there’s Nam Joo-hyuk and Shin Se-kyung and their appearance The Bride of Habaek! In the drama, Nam Joo-hyuk played the role of Ha-baek, while Shin Se-kyung acted as Yoon So-ah. Ha-baek is known as the God of Water who went to Earth, but when he went into the modern era, he lost his power and got it back when he saved Yoon So-ah. Yoon So-ah is a popular neuro-psychiatrist who has built quite a reputation from her own practice.

Ha-baek and his subordinate went to Earth to look for some missing stone, one of them was found with Yoon So-ah. Turns out, Yoon So-ah was one of the God slaves because she was the descendant of her grandmother who had an agreement with God in the past. Ha-baek reassures Yoon So-ah that he is her guardian, but Yoon So-ah doesn’t take it seriously because she thinks that Ha-baek might be experiencing mental disorders just like the other patients in the hospital. However, Yoon So-ah is soon-to-be the bride of Ha-baek, the God of Water.

nam joo hyuk & shin se kyung

One of their cute interactions is when the two were waking up next to each other, and Ha-baek revealed that he had been waiting for Yoon So-ah to wake him up.

nam joo hyuk & shin se kyung

Lee Sung-kyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo)

lee sung kyung

Last but not least, it might be the most phenomenal couple ever, Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung and their appearance in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo! In the drama, Nam Joo-hyuk played the character Jung Joon-hyung, an excellent swimmer and also Kim Bok-joo’s childhood friend in elementary school, but both of them are unaware of this at the time. Meanwhile, Lee Sung-kyung played as Kim Bok-joo, an ambitious woman who is naturally gifted with a kind of unique power where she can lift heavy stuff easily, and she’s a weightlifter!

Basically, the story is about Kim Bok-joo, an ordinary woman who is also a weightlifter. She is careless about her appearance, and she is herself without any hesitation. There’s also Jung Joon-hyung, a swimmer athlete who is famously known for his handsome face, his popularity and friendly atitude.

nam joo hyuk & lee sung kyung

Turns out, Kim Bok-joo and Jung Joon-hyung are in the same university, with a different major. Actually, Kim Bok-joo used to have a crush on Jung Joon-hyung’s brother, Jung Jae-yi. However, she turns out becoming closer with Jung Joon-hyung because of their weird interactions, just like the way Jung Joon-hyung was making fun of Kim Bok-joo every time. And as time goes by, the two of them fall in love with each other!

One of the sweet interactions between Kim Bok-joo and Jung Joon-hyung was when Kim Bok-joo came back to South Korea after her weightlifting race. Jung Joon-hyung picked her up at the airport, and suddenly, Kim Bok-joo jumped in Jung Joon-hyung’s embrace, with a lot of reporters and cameras around them at the airport!

nam joo hyuk & lee sung kyung

Latest News of Nam Joo-hyuk

nam joo hyuk

After talking about Nam Joo-hyuk and some of his “spouses” in the various K-Dramas, let’s keep up with Nam Joo-hyuk’s latest news! What has he been up to? Let’s find out together!

It was reported that Nam Joo-hyuk along with Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-ah, and Han Ji-min would be involved in the new drama series with the title Here. Even though the title was tentative, people are already excited about this pleasant news for Nam Joo-hyuk’s upcoming project! And also, it was expected that Here would be released in late 2020! Well, let’s wait patiently for the upcoming project of Nam Joo-hyuk, fellas!

That’s all of the information about Nam Joo-hyuk and also some of his “girlfriends” in the various K-Dramas! Since he has been matched with a lot of talented and famous actresses, people might have their own opinion about which one is the best spouse for him from the selected actresses above.

But still, all of them were good co-workers of Nam Joo-hyuk, and have already proven their acting skills along with Nam Joo-hyuk. Let’s keep supporting their careers as well! Don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below and share your thoughts about them!