Who Is Kim Seon-ho’s Girlfriend? Find Out His Girlfriend and Dating Rumor List Here!

kim seon ho girlfriend

Find Out The Facts About Kim Seon-ho’s Girlfriend

Since appearing on Netflix’s Start-Up, Kim Seon-ho’s popularity is on the rise. As his popularity rises, so do the rumors about his relationship with several actresses. Kim Seon-ho started acting as a theatre actor at the age of 23 years old. Later, Kim Seon-ho moved into tv dramas and appeared in popular dramas such as Manager Kim, Strongest Deliveryman, and Two Cops. Kim Seon-ho’s hard work and increasing popularity got him a permanent cast member in the famous variety show 2 Days 1 Night and Netflix’s Start Up.

Being known as the charming dimple prince, Kim Seon-ho is always rumored to be close with the actresses that he is in drama projects with. Once, Kim Seon-ho was rumored to have a romantic relation with actress Moon Ga-young, and recently, Kim Seon-ho is rumored to be close to Start Up‘s Suzy.


How about his relationship with the actresses? Who is Kim Seon-ho’s current girlfriend? Find out about it in this article.

Kim Seon-ho Girlfriend


Kim Seon-ho is currently everywhere, in dramas, commercials, and variety shows. The handsome actor is famous for his dimple and charming smile. Kim Seon-ho has a kind personality, and he seems to be very approachable. In his teenage days, Kim Seon-ho said that he hated his dimple. However, Kim Seon-ho is surely never complaining about the dimples nowadays.

In the past, Kim Seon-ho had a sad memory with a girl. The girlfriend broke up with just a simple text message while enrolling in the mandatory military service. Kim Seon-ho revealed the story during an interview with a radio station. It was perhaps his last romantic relationship.

Kim Seon-ho Past Girlfriend

In an interview with SBS’s PowerFM’s Park Seon-young’s Cinetown, Kim Seon-ho revealed a rather sad breakup story. The interview was done back in 2016 alongside actor Kim Dong-ha. Kim Seon-ho revealed that his girlfriend broke up with him when he served mandatory military service. Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend contacted him and sent “I am sorry.” After sending the message, the ex-girlfriend avoided his call and even blocked his number.


Desperately, Kim Seon-ho went to see her and met her in front of her apartment. Kim Seon-ho revealed that he begged and kneeled in front of her, asking for a serious conversation for three hours. In the end, the ex-girlfriend refused to continue their relationship and said that she was meeting another man. It must be a sad and unforgettable memory for the handsome actor. We are sure that the ex-girlfriend must be regretting the decision if she sees Kim Seon-ho’s recent success and popularity.

Kim Seon-ho Rumored Girlfriend

Kim Seon-ho and Moon Geun-young collaborated in the rom-com drama Catch The Ghost in 2019. The actors showed good chemistry despite the gap in acting seniority. Moon Geun-young is a veteran acting as a child actress, while Kim Seon-ho is a late bloomer. However, Moon Geun-young looked shy whenever she must act close to Kim Seon-ho.

Kim Seon-ho and Moon ga-young worked together in a romantic comedy-drama, Welcome to Waikiki 2. The chemistry between the handsome actor and the beautiful actress made fans wondering whether there was something special between them. Both of them are young, and their popularity is on the rise. Is it possible that it was just a setup by their agency or by fans?

In the drama, Kim Seon-ho played Cha Woo-sik while Moon Ga-young played Han Soo-yeon, Cha Woo-sik’s girlfriend. Due to their chemistry, dating rumors surfaced, and netizens welcomed the rumors. Both of the agency from the two agencies didn’t deny the rumor or give any statement. On the contrary, they remained close friends after the shooting and showed support to each other. Moon Ga-young send a food truck while Kim Seon-ho was filming drama Start-up.


In 2021, Kim Seon-ho and Moon Ga-young collaborated during the photoshoot of a commercial. They looked outstanding as a couple, and they look comfortable in matching couple outfits.

Kim Seon-ho Girlfriend List


Despite his popularity, handsome face, and easygoing personality, Kim Seon-ho is still single. Perhaps, his previous relationship leaves bad memories to him and makes him more careful in deciding about a loving relationship. Currently, there is no official statement about his dating news. But, judging by his popularity, it is just a matter of time before Kim Seon-ho writes someone on his girlfriend list.

Kim Seon-ho Partner in Drama


Kim Seon-ho has worked with many beautiful actresses in various drama projects. In some of the drama, Kim Seon-ho was rumored to be dating the female lead partner. In I’m Crazy For You, Kim Seon-ho acted alongside actress Lee You-young. Their quirky but cute kissing scene gets more than 13 million views.

Kim Seon-ho collaborated with actress Moon Ga-young in the rom-com drama Welcome to Waikiki 2. Both of them looked very comfortable when acting as on-screen girlfriend or boyfriend. After that, however, fans grew suspicious about their true relationship, and rumors about their dating relationship surfaced on the internet.


Kim Seon-ho acted alongside actress Moon Geun-young in the drama Catch The Ghost. They have only a year of an age difference, and they looked very close on the set. The latest lead female partner is Start Up‘s Suzy. Due to his collaboration with Suzy in the drama, cast members of 2 Days 1 Night always made fun of Kim Seon-ho and tease him. However, they said that Kim Seon-ho has changed after shooting a drama with Suzy and preferred shooting with her. In 2021, Kim Seon-ho has a chance to star in a drama with actress Shin Min-ah. Fans are looking forward to the chemistry between them.



Following the surge of his popularity, it is just a matter of time before online media post his dating pictures and news about his girlfriend. So what do you think about Kim Seon-ho’s love story and rumors about his girlfriend? Tell us about your opinion, and don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.